Ley Crea y Crece: e-invoicing for SMEs in Spain

Feb 17, 2022 | Electronic invoicing

It is likely that you have already heard of it. Even if you are not a big fan of legal matters, if you work in or have to deal with accounting or finance, you have probably heard the term. And if you own an SME or if you run a finance department in one of these companies, it might sound familiar to you. Today we talk about electronic invoicing for SMEs in Spain and regulations such as the popular Crea y Crece Law. A regulation that is not without controversy for certain entrepreneurs and which, due to what it establishes, is essential for all financial managers or accountants of small and medium-sized companies to be aware of. If this is your case, we will try to help you along these lines so that you understand and comply with it.

E-invoicing in Spanish SMEs today

As we always say, today's world is digital. We interact through social networks, we buy from e-commerce, we get information from websites... Therefore, if you are a company, whatever size you are, you also want to be in this new digital scenario. Or even if you don't want to be. That is the reason to digitise your processes, and one of them that we can help you with here is that of electronic invoicing for SMEs.

The truth is that we have been seeing progress towards this digital transformation for years. digital transformation. Large companies and, above all, governments are encouraging this process. The best reflection of this are policies and regulations such as the well-known Crea y Crece Law, which we will talk about later, or to see how European funds are going to be used in this process. European funds recently approved by the EU.

Until recently, it was noticeable that electronic invoicing in Spain was less widely implemented in SMEs than in large companies. However, in recent times, thanks to these types of policies, the balance of digitalisation of this process in many small and medium-sized companies. In fact, the electronic invoicing, whether out of necessity or for convenience is already starting to become a reality.

In fact, recently the ONTSI (National Observatory of Technology and Society), which depends on the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, recently published the "Report on the digitisation of SMEs 2021". It contains very interesting data on the digitisation in general of many companies in Spain and of certain specific processes, such as electronic invoicing in SMEs. Here are some of them:

  • The digitalisation of the The digitalisation of the business fabric in Spain is above the EU average, only with lower rates than Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands and Ireland.
  • The information and communication sectors are the sectors that most promote the digitisation of processes in our country. Sectors, by the way, in which easyap has carried out various projects.
  • More and more small and medium-sized enterprises, for example, provide mobile devices with internet connection to work online (77% of SMEs and 55% of micro-enterprises, which are up 6.5 and 11.5 percentage points from 2018, respectively).

There is another interesting finding here. While large companies do have technology specialists on staff (67% of companies), the figure falls in the case of SMEs. 

The importance of electronic invoicing in SMEs

The fact is that, as you can see, most of these data refer to the implementation of digital technologies in general. So now, in our case, we are going to focus on a specific process. The process on which we at easyap have been working on for many years and which we know in depth: e-invoicing for SMEs and companies of all sizes.

Thanks to the projects we have been involved in for more than 20 years, we know the importance of electronic invoicing. importance of electronic invoicing in any business. Taking advantage of the fact that there are still many companies, especially small ones, that do not have technology specialists in their team, we assure you that with a solution like easyap's, it is not something vital either.

Our team is made up of finance and technology specialists. That's why, by implementing a solution like our invoicing software you will be installing an electronic invoicing system for SMEs without the need for an in-house team of technology specialists. But that's not the only good thing we have to offer: with the easyap:

  • You will have your own portal for issuing, receiving and managing digital invoices. digital invoices with customers and suppliers in which your invoicing process will be easy and agile.
  • You will have a invoicing software compatible with your accounting and ERP package. you have in place.
  • You will have a system in which you will also be able to you will also be able to record information on other costs associated associated with your business, such as employee expenses.
  • You will comply with the legislation and the tax system you have to comply with.
  • Your suppliers and customers will be able to consult the information regarding their invoice workflow easily.

As you can see, we offer an electronic invoicing management and control system for SMEs (and also for large companies) with which you will benefit from two main advantages: 

  1. You will save hours and hours of work that conventional invoicing with pen and paper, in the past, or with spreadsheets and complex databases, more recently, usually entails.
  2. Cost savings, as our system does not require special technology equipment (neither human nor technical) in-house on your staff.

In addition, the invoicing software we implement at easyap is perfect if we are talking about electronic invoicing for SMEs due to the fact that it adapts to all types of companies and their operating volume. Our solution, which has no initial set-up costs, has a variable price. In other words, you pay for each invoice you process. Therefore, it adapts very comfortably to your business volume. 

The role of the Ley Crea y Crece in SME e-invoicing

Apart from the benefits of implementing a solution like ours, the importance of electronic invoicing electronic invoicing currently resides also in legal aspects. As we indicated above, governments are already encouraging the use of technology in companies with regulations. Precisely one of these regulations is the recent bill that was passed in 2021 for the Create and Grow Law. This law aims to encourage the creation of companies, with actions such as reducing the minimum share capital to create a limited company from €3,000 to €1.

However, the Crea y Crece Act also wants to pursue the to pursue the delinquency of small and medium-sized companies. For this purpose, digital invoicing systems such as easyap's are ideal, as they allow companies to control their taxation much better and prevent fraud. With invoicing programmes such as ours, companies' commercial and tax operations can be much more closely tracked. And not only for large organisations, but also for small and medium-sized companies that have traditionally been more elusive in these matters.

In turn, in addition to the laws cited in this article, such as the Create and Grow Law, policies such as earmarking European funds for companies seeking to digitise, etc., governments are leading by example. It is now compulsory to be able to both receive and issue direct invoices in digital format in all transactions with the public administration. At the same time, there are already systems being implemented in certain communities for electronic invoicing and taxation, such as TicketBAI in the Basque Country.

And, based on experience and knowledge of the sector, work is also being done at the international level to ensure electronic invoicing for SMEs and companies of all types. A good example is the case of PEPPOLwhich we explain in this article in our blog a few months ago. At the same time, at easyap we have been able to work on projects in various countries and areas of the world where this kind of policy is also being promoted.

Therefore, and by way of conclusion, if you were asking yourself the question of why e-invoicing is important for your SME or large company, we think you will have found the answer, we believe that with these lines you will have found the answer. It is no longer just a question of adapting to the new times and the digital scenario in which you will have to move at the business level. It is a question of adapting to the legal and fiscal requirements of the different political bodies.

At this point, why not go digital with a company that has extensive experience in the online invoicing sector for more than two decades? Why not leave your process in the hands of a company that has the guarantee of having worked in the most diverse and varied sectors? Why not contact our team? get in touch with our team of of finance and technology specialists? At easyap we are waiting for you.

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