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Quite a challenge. That's how we approached this ambitious project with LeasePlan from the outset. The result? A case of success between two companies in which the commitment to technology and innovation, each in its own sector, is a constant.



Digital Business Transformation


Global e-Invoicing


Unification of the company's invoicing process


Centralisation of the invoice receipt process


If we talk about LeasePlan Corporationwe are talking about an international company and a leader in the vehicle leasing sector. In order to understand in depth the type of company it is and the weight it has in its sector, the following data are truly representative:

  • It has a fleet of around 1.8 million vehicles.
  • It operates under different brand names in a total of 29 countries.
  • He is about to turn 60 years.
  • Covers leasing services for both for both companies and individuals.

In short, when the possibility of working with LeasePlan arose, we knew that we had the opportunity to collaborate with a company that was well established and at the forefront of its market. A complex challenge and an attractive opportunity at the same time.

The Needs of LeasePlan

The collaboration we started with LeasePlan is one of the most comprehensive we have ever carried out at easyap. The reason is that the brand wanted to digitise its entire invoice workflow. In other words, it was a project that involved several of the services we offer. So we set to work to develop a system that was adapted to their business and with which they could use:

  • Issue electronic invoices to your various types of customers.
  • Receive invoices from your multiple suppliers. 
  • To be able to be connected to the SII (Immediate Supply of Information to the AEAT). 

In other words, software in which the invoicing processes could be managed in a unified manner and which, at the same time, would make it possible to comply with the corresponding tax requirements.

The easyap Results

With this in mind, easyap developed a customised portal for LeasePlan with which they have already achieved the following results: 

  • More than 1.000.000 invoices issued.
  • More than 1.100.000 records in the system.
  • More than 50,000 suppliers and customers managed in the software.

Very high volumes and figures, typical of a company like LeasePlan that strives to lead its market at a national and international level. And all of this, moreover, in accordance with the fiscal standards established by the different authorities, as is the case in Spain with the Tax Agency. 


Immediate visibility of all invoices

A single space, which does not get lost between the different departments. 

Increased productivity

Cost and time savings for both LeasePlan and the supplier.

Electronic recording of all proceedings in the process

Favouring internal control.

Improving the relationship between LeasePlan and suppliers

Thanks to much more streamlined communication and processes.

Invoices are posted automatically

fewer hours spent on approving invoices and resolving exceptions.

Better treasury planning

adapting to the tax requirements of each business (Germany, France and Spain).

What was a fixed cost has been transformed into a variable cost.

The easyap system charges according to the number of invoices processed. 

Real cost provisioning

cost management and forecasting has been greatly optimised.

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