Issuance of e-Invoices

Customer invoice processing

Current Reality

The processing of invoices produces a cost for both the issuer and the receiver. The electronic invoice which is taken to mean a legally valid invoice, is a mechanism that speeds up the process, and thus reduces costs.

Our proposal : e-Invoicing

easyap has placed at its clients' disposal a portal for electronic invoicing easyei, as a model that will help in the process of issuing, sending, recording, and conservation of the clients’ invoices.

The use of electronic invoicing mechanisms, whether EDI with signature e-invoice (3.0, 3.1, 3.x) or any personalized electronically-signed format, as well as having total validity in regards to Inland Revenue, will speed up the process from the point of view of the reception stage as well the following stages in the processing of the invoice. For clients, whose volume justifies the introduction of a personalized electronically –signed format, there is an option to orientated the automatic recording….. The implementation of the clients’ portal to help in the consultation/downloading and issuing of invoice duplicates reduces the number of incidents and promotes an even closer relationship between client/provider.

These, at a high level, are the different elements in the process.



  • Economic savings due to the elimination of the printing and stamping costs
  • Guaranteed delivery of invoice to client with traceability
  • Reduction of cycle from issuing to client delivery
  • Productivity increase by the parties involved in the process with the consequent cost savings
  • Improve the client/provider relationship
  • Automatic recording of invoices issued
  • Electronic register of actions carried out
  • Direct interconnection with FACe and TicketBAI and Peppol.

What is e-Invoicing?

Issuing an electronic invoice is the process of issuing a traditional invoice by means of a digital programme or application. Therefore, when we talk about issuing e-invoices, we are simply referring to the financial control that has always been carried out in any company, but which has now been computerised. And in this sense, the advantages of automating a process like this are many, as it allows us to manage a collection with any customer in a much more optimised way. The main benefits of issuing electronic invoices are as follows:

  • Agility in the transfer of information and data.
  • Control and monitoring of the entire process from start to finish.
  • Optimization of resources for the company, both economically and in terms of time.
  • Security and trust, as long as you use reliable applications or services for issuing electronic invoices.

At the same time, managing an electronic invoice with a specialized company guarantees compliance with all kinds of legal and mandatory requirements for your customers.

And what is a simplified electronic invoice?

Simplified invoices are what we commonly know as purchase receipts. They are accepted by the Tax Agency as a document in which the products or services with their corresponding prices and taxes that have been processed in any purchase and sale transaction are listed in an abbreviated form.

Thanks to advances in technology and IT, today we can also manage the issuance of a simplified or complete electronic invoice easily and quickly. By using the services of specialised companies such as Easyap, you can automate the entire process of issuing electronic invoices, allowing you to optimise and save resources and time.

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