Issuance of Electronic Invoice

Customer invoice processing

Current Reality

The very support of paper invoices introduces significant cost overruns inherent to the handling of the document from both the customer's and supplier's perspective, limiting the ability to optimize the reduction of process cycles, all this together with the upcoming mandatory use of the Electronic Invoice makes the improvement of the customer billing process not an option.

Our proposal : Customer Portal

easyap offers its customers the easyei e-invoicing customer portal as a model to assist in the process of issuing, sending, accounting and storage of invoices to customers, including interconnection with AAPP via FACe, Regional Tax Authorities via TicketBAI and specific portals. Additionally, the easyei customer portal allows customers to consult/download information not only about invoices but all relevant information in the commercial relationship. Invoice status tracking is also part of the scope of the portal functionality.

The use of electronic invoice mechanisms, whether e-invoice, edi, UBL or any customized electronically signed format, in addition to being fully valid for tax purposes, will speed up the process both from the perspective of the reception cycle and subsequent stages of the invoice process. For clients whose volume justifies it, the implementation of electronically signed customized formats is an option to consider, orienting the automatic accounting of the same.

The use of a customer portal to facilitate the consultation/downloading and issuance of duplicate invoices reduces the volume of incidents and fosters a closer customer/supplier relationship, in addition to complying with the requirements of the new e-invoicing regulations.

These, at a high level, are the different elements in the process.



  • Comply with the new legal requirements of the Electronic Invoicing regulations.
  • Economic savings due to the elimination of the printing and stamping costs
  • Guaranteed delivery of invoice to client with traceability
  • Reduction of cycle from issuing to client delivery
  • Productivity increase by the parties involved in the process with the consequent cost savings
  • Improve the client/provider relationship
  • Automatic recording of invoices issued
  • Electronic register of actions carried out
  • Direct interconnection with FACe and TicketBAI and Peppol.

e-Invoicing with easyei (easyap's e-invoicing platform)

The process of issuing invoices remains unchanged, the only change is in the sending of invoices to customers, sending each customer the invoices in a legally valid electronic format accepted by their billing systems.

Let us not forget that there is no single valid electronic invoice format, each customer can choose a different one, e-invoice, EDI, UBL ... and a specific delivery channel from the simplest ones such as email or ftp to web invoice or value-added networks such as Face B2B, peppol.....

easyei users can upload invoices issued to their customers using one of the following methods:

  • WEB Invoice manual invoice entry directly into the easyei portal
  • Automatic loading or importing of structured files in standard formats such as XML, CSV or Excel.
  • Use of easyei's invoice scanning function and validation of the data extracted automatically by OCR.
  • Loading of PDF files and validation of the data extracted automatically by OCR.
  • Customized formats with prior assessment by easyap.

All electronic formats allow the simultaneous sending of electronic invoices and electronically signed PDF invoices.

Customers can receive their invoices in the valid electronic format accepted by them in the following ways:

  • Direct download from easyei customer portal
  • email (shipment securing and right-hand management)
  • ftp
  • uploading to your specific portals (via email or ftp)
  • with customized interfaces with prior assessment by easyap.

easyei's customer portal will facilitate the adaptation to the new electronic invoicing regulations by making invoices available to customers in the legally valid formats and informing them of their status according to the regulations.

Customer Portal

As part of easyap's electronic invoicing solution, the customer's web portal is included so that the customer himself can solve all the queries that he usually addresses to the accounts receivable area as well as to any other department of the company. The solution is based on the digital transformationThe solution is based on digital transformation, automation and proceduralization, highlighting the following points:

  • Complete circuit: possibility of informing the customer of each of the phases and status of the invoices.
  • Download invoices and duplicates .
  • Possibility of managing documentation attached to invoices.
  • Management of all types of commercial documents, price tables, delivery notes ....
  • Multi-viaa customer information system complemented by an incident management system.
  • Possibility of automating the maintenance of contact data in the customer master.
  • Bidirectional.
  • 24/7.
  • Training procedures and answering of “FAQ”.

How does easyei work in the issuance of invoices?


easyei is a web application designed to allow the quick and easy issuing of electronic invoices complying with the legal requirements to guarantee the invoice's validity. Presented below are the steps for the issuing of electronic invoices.


1. Issuing of Invoices:

The invoices are issued in the client's accounting program/ERP without any change (printing of invoices not necessary).Issuing of invoices:

The invoices are exported for their transfer to the easyei portal(customizable and adaptable format for each client)

2. Sending of Invoices to easyei:

The generated invoices, with their attachments, are sent/uploaded to the easyei e-invoicing customer portal. Automatic collection from the accounting system by the easyei portal is also an option.

If desired, you can prepare the invoices directly in the portal via internet.

3. Invoice Receipt:


4. Electronic Invoice Format by client:

Set the electronic invoice format in which you want to send to each of your customers (facturae, e-invoice, brl, edi, SAP,...).
Paper delivery is also supported.


5. Signing of Invoice:

The invoices are signed by the issuer or by the certificate of the portal.


6. Sending of Invoices:

Invoices are sent to each of your customers in the agreed format.
The sending of accounting files in the format of the main ERPs (SAP, JDE, Oracle, Navision,..) is also possible.


7. Acknowledgement of Receipt:

If so desired an acknowledgement of receipt will be sent the moment your client receives the invoice.


8. Invoice Status:

You can automatically know whether the customer accepts or rejects the submitted invoice or whether it has been properly received. As well as the payment information.


9. Invoice Safe-keeping:

The invoices are stored in easyaei portal and will be available for future consultation by you or your clients for the agreed period of time.

The consultation of invoices and/or their attached information and statements is directly accessible by the customer.

Mutual benefit: satisfied customer and freed resources.

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