Immediate Supply of VAT Information (SII)

The Immediate Supply of Information (SII) is the VAT processing system developed by the Tax Agency (AEAT). Tax Agency (AEAT) to electronically manage the Value Added Tax record books.

By means of the SII, companies provide information on their invoicing through the Electronic Headquarters of the Tax Agency and they do so within four days, which can be extended to eight days for companies where the invoices are issued by a third party.

Purpose of the SII

The SII or Immediate Supply of Information came into operation in 2017 to improve the traceability of companies' taxation. Specifically, it aims to to streamline and digitize the management of VAT and at the same time combat tax fraud throughout the business fabric. At the same time, the traditional VAT registration books seem to be tending to disappear.

At present, the SII is an obligation for organizations that are obliged to organizations that are obliged to self-assess VAT on a monthly basis. That is, any company belonging to one of these groups:

  • Large companies with a turnover of more than 6 million euros.
  • Organizations registered in VAT groups.
  • Companies registered in the VAT Monthly Return System (REDEME).
  • Any company that voluntarily joins this new VAT management system.

Moreover, the near future points to the fact that every business will have to adapt to systems such as the SII. Therefore, taking that step towards digital transformation will be a necessity as well as an advantage. 

Why manage the immediate supply of information with Easyap?

At easyap we have been working for more than 20 years in projects that combine accounting and technology projects. We develop solutions adapted to all types of companies and in a wide variety of sectors. In easyap we offer you the easyei portal with which you can send the invoicing information to the Tax Agency. No matter the ERP/accounting system of the client or the number of systems.

Our solution is capable of mapping and categorizing invoice information according to AEAT requirements. At easyap we adapt to the information model of each client, without carrying out any specific development.

Relationship between electronic invoicing and SII

Likewise, the SII, as well as other measures, such as the Crea y Crece Law, is another step forward in the digitalization process that the entire business fabric is undergoing. The electronic invoicing in Spain is already mandatory in transactions with any Public Administration and will soon be mandatory for transactions between private companies. For all these reasons, undertaking the digital transformation of your business is already a necessity.

How to adapt my company to SII

The time has come to go digital and adapt your business to SII. But how? By implementing a total solution that meets all your needs and takes into account different factors: 

  • The software must be flexible in the configuration additional information that may be requested by the AEAT.
  • Your system has to support and maintain traceability of information. of information.
  • The digital solution you implement does not have to require interfaces with third parties.

That is, you need a single platform where you can monitor and integrate the data of your business operations and space to control and manage the tax information provided. A system developed by a specialized company to help you with maintenance in case of any incident or change due to legal requirements.

In short, to adapt to the SII or any new digital advance, the whole process will be easier if you face it relying on professionals. Companies like easyap, in which we develop solutions like these tailored to your needs. 


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