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What is the relationship between the world of construction and maintenance of public works and the technology sector? Our answer: a most effective and productive one. The success story of our collaboration with Alvac is the best example of this.



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Global e-Invoicing


Unification of the company's invoicing process


Centralisation of the invoice receipt process


Alvac S.A. is a company originally from Segovia with a long history in its sector, where it has been operating since 1985. Since then, this company has been dedicated to the execution, repair and conservation of public works. Buildings, works with various industries, concessions, sports facilities, projects linked to the environment...

In turn, Alvac is an organisation that works with numerous public bodies and organisations. Therefore, for a large number of the projects it carries out, by law, it needs an electronic invoicing system. 

At the same time, the market in which Alvac operates has a strong traditional character. There were therefore some doubts as to whether easyap 's technology would be useful in such a conventional working environment. These doubts were quickly dispelled, as has been demonstrated by the numbers after this fruitful collaboration. 

Alvac's Needs

The fact is that Alvac turned to us to implement the e-invoicing service. to implement the electronic invoice issuing service. In addition, they needed the system to be interconnected to FACe, which is the general entry point for electronic invoices of the General State Administration. All Spanish companies are required to submit their e-invoices through FACe since January 2015.

In view of this situation, as a company that works on a recurrent basis with the Public Administration, Alvac had the following needs: 

  • Generate and issue invoices in electronic format. 
  • To be able to sign invoices with a valid official certificate.


The easyap Solution

The proposal we put to them from easyap consisted of implementing an electronic invoicing portal that would allow them to solve both issues. With this system, Alvac has software with which it issues, sends, records and stores all its customers' invoices. Not only that, but the solution is connected to the Public Administration through the aforementioned FACe.

In addition, Alvac, which works with more than 20,000 public bodies, has greatly optimised not only its invoicing processes, but also its accounting in general. Moreover, without being a company with an excessive volume of invoices issued (around 1,500 per year), it does highlight the convenience of the easyap solution for accounting and tracing each and every one of them.

Convenience and optimisation of resources thanks to technology!


Immediate visibility of all invoices

A single space, which does not get lost between the different departments. 

Increased productivity

Cost and time savings for both Alvac and the supplier.

Electronic recording of all proceedings in the process

Favouring internal control.

Improving the relationship between Alvac and suppliers

Thanks to much more streamlined communication and processes.

Better treasury planning

adapting to the tax requirements of each business (Germany, France and Spain).

What was a fixed cost has been transformed into a variable cost.

The easyap system charges according to the number of invoices processed. 

Real cost provisioning

cost management and forecasting has been greatly optimised.

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