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Optimising the billing process of an energy giant like Enagás. That was the challenge we were given and which we accepted with very satisfactory results. And an experience that we would also like to share.



Digital Business Transformation


Global e-Invoicing


Unification of the company's invoicing process


Centralisation of the invoice issuing process

Enagás (National Gas Company) is a well-known leading energy and infrastructure business company that works with gas and renewable gas transport networks, operating internationally worldwide.

Before easyap:

The company Enagas contacted us to optimize their resources and everything related to their billing process. We saw the opportunity of a nice challenge that, with our experience, it would be possible to carry out correctly.

The task wasn't easy:

  1. Enagás had a completely manual process of AP invoices.  
  2. They had a lack of visibility of the process and in a decentraliced enviroment

After easyap:

  1. More than 85% of the bookings were automated
  2. The site reports around 40K invoices per year, with full accessibility for the team to each single invoice.
  3. The unification in one system of the different group companies AP invoice procesess
  4. Part of the massive digital business transformation
  5. Centralized invoice, with complete visibility and metrics of the process
  6. Reducing fixed cost into variable cost

The results speak for themselves by themselves: increased productivity and time optimization thanks to automation and better customer/supplier relationships with greater accessibility of the team to each invoice.


Our implementation started on the unification of the entire company’s invoicing processes and its centralization. Validating all of them through the workflows resolving every existing conflict. The decrease in cost was due to pricing each invoice received instead of a predetermined number. And as a crucial key is the growing use of electronic invoicing


Increased accessibility

immediate visibility for the whole team to the invoices of each operation.

Variable X fixed costs

transformation of fixed costs into variable costs, as the price is per invoice.

Increased productivity

With access to all the information in the system, the productivity of the actors increases.

Total process control

and the whole process is monitored step by step

Time optimisation

fewer hours spent on approving invoices and resolving exceptions.

Better customer/supplier relationship

The fact that everything is on one platform, the fluidity is greater and so is the relationship.

Automatic posting of invoices:

optimisation of the number of hours spent on accounting.

Real cost provisioning

cost management and forecasting has been greatly optimised.

Better treasury planning

with information accessible in one place, planning is improved.

Tangible results

by managing and recording data and processes, everything can be seen and measured.

"In the last four years, Enagás has evolved from a process with a high manual component for managing invoices with suppliers to one of automatic accounting, with electronic approval and order matching integrated into our ERP. Thanks to the traceability of events and the implementation of business rules, compliance with the internal control and audit policy is guaranteed, which is of great importance for a company listed on the IBEX35."

-Financial Director Enagas

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