Receipt of Invoices : Electronic Invoice

Current Reality - Receiving e-invoices

Paper invoices introduce important overheads inherent in the management of documents from the point of view of both the client and the provider, limiting the optimization capacity in the reduction of process cycles.

How to receive electronic invoices? How to digitalise invoices and documents? How to organise supplier invoices? 


Our proposal - Invoice Receipt Portal

easyap provides its customers with the easyei invoice reception portal, where all invoices are received in a centralised mailbox, regardless of their format: electronic invoice, pdf, edi, paper .....

The idea is that in one unique point, one can see all invoices received, no matter what format the provider sent them in. Paper invoices pass through a scanning and invoice OCR process, arriving to the centralized post box already digitised.

The suppliers will be able to send to a centralized email box the invoices in pdf, and there will be mailboxes for reception of different formats: edi, facturae, Peppol... In such a way, that regardless of the origin and format, the supplier accounting area will have in a single place the invoices (with image and data) for processing. From this common point they can be linked, if desired, with workflows for processing depending on the type of invoice: with or without order, conformation, approval, coding, incident resolution...

Benefits - easyei Invoice Receipt Portal

  • Immediate visibility of invoices, now that they cannot be lost between different departments
  • Transforming fixed costs into variables
  • Increase in productivity of the parties involved in the process, leading to a reduction in cost for client and provider
  • Electronic register of all actions in the process, improving internal control
  • Reduction in time dedicated by client to invoice approval and the resolution of exceptions.
  • Improvement in the Client\provider relationship
  • Automatic recording of invoices
  • Real cost provisioning
  • Improves Treasury planning

What is electronic invoice receipt?

Receiving electronic invoices is the process of receiving the document by which a supplier certifies that they have provided us with a product or service at a specific price, but in digitalized form. Currently, thanks to the computerization of these processes, we can manage the receipt of supplier invoices with programs from specialized companies such as Easyap. In this way, issuing and receiving electronic invoices, which were traditionally time-consuming processes in the financial control of any company, are now much faster and simpler.

At the same time, using the services of companies specialized in receiving supplier invoices offers us the legal and mandatory guarantees involved in the purchase and sale of any product or service. Therefore, using electronic invoicing services from companies like Easyap allows us to optimize and automate processes, saving time and resources that we can allocate to other aspects of the business. And not only that, but we will do it with all the legal guarantees.

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