Electronic Invoice

Current Reality

Paper invoices introduce important overheads inherent in the management of documents from the point of view of both the client and the provider, limiting the optimization capacity in the reduction of process cycles.


Our Proposal

easyap has placed at its clients' disposal a portal for receiving invoices easyei, through which, in a centralized post box all invoices, no matter what format - electronic invoice, edi, pdf, or paper- will be received.

The idea is that in one unique point, one can see all invoices received, no matter what format the provider sent them in. Paper invoices pass through a scanning and invoice OCR process, arriving to the centralized post box already digitised.

The providers can send to the centralised email account invoices in PDF and there will also be accounts for invoice receipt in various formats: edi, facturae In this way, independent of orgin or format, the accounting area for providers will have a unique place for invoices (with image and data) for processing. From this common point you can connect to, if so desired, workflows for the processing of invoice depending on its type: with or without purchase order, confirmation, approval, coding or incident resolution.


  • Immediate visibility of invoices, now that they cannot be lost between different departments
  • Transforming fixed costs into variables
  • Increase in productivity of the parties involved in the process, leading to a reduction in cost for client and provider
  • Electronic register of all actions in the process, improving internal control
  • Reduction in time dedicated by client to invoice approval and the resolution of exceptions.
  • Improvement in the Client\provider relationship
  • Automatic recording of invoices
  • Real cost provisioning
  • Improves Treasury planning