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Current Reality - Receiving e-invoices

Paper invoices introduce important overheads inherent in the management of documents from the point of view of both the client and the provider, limiting the optimization capacity in the reduction of process cycles.

How to receive electronic invoices? How to digitalise invoices and documents? How to organise supplier invoices? 


Our proposal - Invoice Receipt Portal

easyap provides its customers with the easyei supplier invoice reception portal where all invoices are received in a centralized mailbox, regardless of their format, electronic invoice, e-invoice, pdf, edi, paper .....

The idea is that at a single point you have visibility of all invoices received, regardless of the format in which the supplier has sent them. The paper / pdf invoices will go through a process of scanning and ocr, and will be sent to the centralized mailbox already digitized.

Suppliers can send invoices to a centralized point in different formats: pdf, e-invoice, edi, facturae... In such a way that, regardless of the origin and format, the supplier accounting area will have the invoices (with image and data) in a single place for processing.

The use of multiple interconnection channels facilitate connection to the centralized invoice "mailbox", email, ftp, value added networks such as Peppol... makes the customer independent of different billing protocols and formats. Manual uploading of invoices either via Web invoice or from structured files is also part of the functional scope of the supplier portal.

From this common point it will be possible to link, if desired, with processing workflows depending on the type of invoice: with or without order,invoices pending approval to streamline tasks of conformation, approval, codification, incident resolution...

Benefits - easyei Invoice Receiving Provider Portal

  • Immediate visibility of invoices, now that they cannot be lost between different departments
  • Transforming fixed costs into variables
  • Increase in productivity of the parties involved in the process, leading to a reduction in cost for client and provider
  • Electronic register of all actions in the process, improving internal control
  • Reduction in time dedicated by client to invoice approval and the resolution of exceptions.
  • Improvement in the Client\provider relationship
  • Automatic recording of invoices
  • Real cost provisioning
  • Improves Treasury planning

How does easyei work in Receiving Invoices?


easyei is a web-based e-invoicing provider portal that allows you to have a single entry point for all invoices received from suppliers, regardless of their format, and transfer them to the accounting system. You work with images and data, no paper and no uninterpretable electronic formats.


1. Delivery Address:

Paper invoices can be collected by mail bag or in a centralized PO box looked after by easyap.

easyap will assign a centralized address or for your invoices in pdf, xml, e-invoice, EDI... If the customer has a centralized mailbox no change is required.


2. Sending of Invoices:

The providers send their invoices, on paper or in electronic format(pdf, xml, EDI,...) to the assigned addresses. Possibility to personalize formats by provider

If you wish, your suppliers can create their invoices directly on the Web portal or upload them via structured files in a standard format.

For paper invoices there is scanningfunctionality directly integrated into the portal. Paper / pdf invoices use OCR procedures integrated in the portal and certified scanning and electronic signature to generate electronic invoices with full legal validity.


3. Invoice Receipt:

The invoices are received, no matter what format, in the easyei electronic invoing portal from easyap.


4. Electronic Signature:

The invoices are electronically signed to guarantee their legal validity


5. Acceptance of Invoices:

Invoices, once accepted, are downloaded and/or sent to your accounting system in the agreed format.


The incorporation of matching and approval workflows is also within easyap's scope of service.
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6. Electronic custody and status information:

The invoices stored in the easyei portal will be available for later consultation for the agreed time period

The feedback of invoice statuses as payment information is part of the basic information to be shown to the supplier.

Mutual benefit: provider satisfied and resources freed.

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