Immediate Supply of VAT Information (SII) and TiketBai (TBAI)

Online Tax Filing

Current Reality

On 1 July 2017, the compulsory phase of the Immediate Supply of Information (SII) for filing VAT returns via the Tax Agency's Electronic Headquarters came into force, and on 1 January 2018 it came into force for the Regional Councils. There is also SILICIE (Immediate Supply of Special Tax Accounting Books).

On 1 January 2022, the TicketBai initiative for the online submission of invoices in the provincial councils will come into force.

Similar initiatives also exist in the rest of Europe such as Portugal SAPF-PT as well as in France which will be mandatory from January 2023.

The filing of VAT registration forms is phased out, as is the compilation of VAT registration books.

All of the Company's invoices are affected, including invoices issued, received and receipts.

The requirements for sending Tax Information must be complied with, which must be sent through the "WEB Service" of the corresponding E-Office by means of certified transactions with electronic signature. The monitoring, acceptance and/or rejection of records and forms sent is carried out via the same channel.

Our proposal - Online Tax Filing

easyap makes the easyei portal available to its customers as a binding element for sending invoice information to the tax office. Regardless of the customer's ERP/accounting system or the number of systems, easyap maps and categorises invoice information according to the technical/functional requirements of the AEAT. No specific development is necessary, easyap adapts to the information model of each client.

Benefits - Taxes Online

  • Outsourcing of the task. Optimisation of internal systems resources
  • Variable cost per transaction
  • Irrespective of the client's accounting system and regulatory changes

Integrated Solution and independent of client's ERP

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