Mandatory electronic invoicing

Law "Crea y Crece" (Create and Grow)

The new "Crea y Crece" Law makes the use of electronic invoicing mandatory for companies and self-employed workers. 

The objectives of the Crea y Crece Law are to accelerate the development of companies, reduce their delinquency and facilitate their access to financing, all with the aim of boosting entrepreneurship.

We help you with the change 


Easyap proposes a work model focused on solving existing problems in the use of electronic invoices in such a way as to distribute the advantages between the to main parties: issuer and receiver.

Easyap has developed an issuing/receiving portal for electronic invoices which connects providers and clients (issuers and receivers) eliminating the technological barriers and brining advantages to both parts. The pay per use model (issuing/receiving) and independent from the accounting system and the different electronic invoice formats, does not require an initial investment to start.

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What is easyei?

An electronic invoicing platform for both sending electronic invoices to clients and for invoice receipt in any format, including paper, from providers.

Independant interconection module with the Spanish Tax Office electronic site (SII).


Who is it for?

Companies of any size who want to increase their productivity while improvong and optimizing their invoicing processes from suppliers and to clients


Why use it?

  • Cost savings of up to 50%.
  • No startup investment.
  • Variable cost depending on number of invoices processed.

Benefits of electronic invoicing for your company

  • Reduction of tax risks
  • Security and agility of electronic invoicing
  • Optimization of customer and supplier experience
  • Cost savings due to elimination of printing and postage costs
  • Reduction of cycle from issuing to client delivery
  • Productivity increase by the parties involved in the process with the consequent cost savings
  • Automatic accounting of invoices issued and electronic recording of the actions taken
  • Compliance with the law creates and grows
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