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easyap (Accounting and Financial Support for Companies) has been providing electronic invoicing and accounts payable services since 2001. Below, classified by sector, are some of the projects that easyap undertakes in the field of outsourcing invoice processing services and fraud prevention and detection. All of them share the characteristic of being based on a variable cost scheme, payment per document processed, and of not requiring the client to invest in technology for their automation and improvement (SaaS model).

The audit and control processes implemented allow us to certify improvements and produce savings in the order of 25% in periods of less than 5 months. easyap's projects are spread throughout Spain, Europe, America (North, Central and South America) and North Africa, both in multinational companies and in small and medium-sized local companies.


Telecommunications Sector

Shared services center for the accounts payable area: invoice processing, incident resolution and supplier service center. More than 8,000 local suppliers and more than 1,000 international suppliers Existence of premium suppliers.

Processing of employee expenses: accounting, auditing, filing and care of more than 900 workers.

Volume: 0.5 million documents per year


Industrial Goods Sector

Industrial Goods multinational.

Automation of matching process of invoices with and without purchase order in the Shared service Centre for Southern Europe.

Electronic Invoicie and invoice workflow. Approximately 200,000 invoices yearly. Project operating from 2014.


Automotive Sector

Consolidated projects on a Europe wide scale, with invoice in different languages, and regional legal requirements.

Invoices with and without purchase order and expense sheets. More than 1500 users.

Project scope: Invoice receipt, scanning and certified digitalization, invoice OCR capture, invoice validation, approval and automatic recording workflow. Active projects since 2004


Distribution sector

Large national network with more than 400 points of sale/sites.

Invoices with purchase order: electronic invoices, edi invoices (with or without signature) and paper invoices (invoice OCR capture with lines of detail), automatic matching with orders.

Invoices without purchase order: approval geographically decentralized via workflow.

Supplier portal for the attention of all enquires about the invoice state and payment. More than 14000 providers.

Treasury reconciliation: automatic and manual accounting reconciliation

Volume of approximately 1.8 million documents per year


Banking Sector

Large network in Spain. Recording of invoices without order: from invoice receipt and scanning until the dead file.

Complete circuit of employee expenditures: charges and conciliation of company cards, employee travel expenses, auditing and demanding written proof. More than 900 active users.​

Volume of approximately 30,000 documents annually. Projects ongoing since 2006.


Financial Sector

Financial services for automotive industry. Processing of different types of invoices in operating and accounting system.

Accounts payable automation, automatic recording of invoices with and without authorization, supplier portal and employee attention service.

Volume of approximately 400,000 documents annually and 600 active users. Projects operative since 2009.


HR sector (resources/ett)

World leader in the placement of temporary resources. International projects in shared service center for the American continent.

Invoice processing with and without order (paper and electronic). Expense sheets of more than 12,000 employees in the largest global corporations. User service center.


Food sector

National leader in the sale of spirits. Invoice processing with and without order.

Automatic invoice matching and approval workflow, invoice verification and incident resolution

Approximate volume of 40,000 documents per year.


Marketing/Publicity Sector

Multinationals, invoice processing in more than 9 corporations/entities.

Processing of invoices without purchase order and employee expenditure, invoice validation, electronic approval protocol.

More than 700 active users.


Industrial Sector​

Multinational, world leader in the gas distribution industry: accounts payable outsourcing project

Invoices with and without purchase order in Spain and Portugal with volume of approximately 120,000 documents annually. Project started in 2007.


Tourism sector

Wide network of travel agencies.

Invoice processing with reservation.

Volume of approximately 250,000 documents annually. Project from 2008

Auxiliary Sector​

Small and medium companies.

Sphere: externalization of the accounting area: recording of income, costs, assets, treasury, taxes. Project started in 2007

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