TiketBai (TBAI)

The system or regulation TicketBAI is a project of the Basque Government and joint project in which the Provincial Treasuries of Bizkaia, Araba and Gipuzkoa participate in order to to combat tax fraud and facilitate compliance with the tax obligations of all taxpayers in these territories. taxpayers in these territories. The aim is to achieve greater control of the economic activities of Basque companies in favor of the consumer and taxation.

TicketBAI software, also known as TBAI, came into force in 2020 and will be fully effective in 2024. By that time all Basque companies and businesses in the Basque Country will have to adhere to the electronic invoicing and the marked regulation.

How does the TicketBAI billing software have to work?

In order to comply with the demands and requirements established by TicketBAI, taxpayers must issue tickets or invoices electronically. For that, if you are a Basque company, you will need to have a certificate of issuance of the e-invoice or ticket.

The billing software must allow you to:

  • Include a QR code and TBAI on your electronic invoice or ticket
  • Create and send a file with the mandatory data for any invoice, as well as a digital fingerprint that identifies the device, the program and the user.

With any of them you will be able to register the online invoices of your business in the TicketBAI system fulfilling the requirements.

How is the easyap service for issuing and processing invoices with TicketBAI (TBAI)?

This is where relying on professionals will help you to avoid problems and comply with the requirements of the TicketBAI regulations. Installing the easyap service for electronic invoicing with TicketBAI, the process consists of 5 simple steps:


You generate the invoice:

This is sent to easyap's systems, without affecting your client's accounting system. It can be sent online or through file extraction processes.


2. In easyap we generate the TBAI and QR codes.

These will appear on the invoice received by your customer. In addition, the invoice can be issued in paper, pdf or any electronic invoice format.


3. Electronic signatures

Prior to shipment, electronically sign the invoice in the the easyap system.

4. Sending the invoice

Subsequently, the invoice is sent to the regional administrations through the in the web service that exists for this purpose as well as to the client, whatever the format. In addition, the customer can view and download the invoice on the easyap web portal.

5. Check the status of the invoice

In the easyap portal you can check the status of the invoice and know if the document is accepted or not, by both the client and the tax authorities.

In addition, you, with the easyap, you will also be able to report about the status of invoices to your customers.

Required TicketBAI technical specifications

On a technical level, the main technical specification required by the TicketBAI regulation is that all Basque companies and businesses work with electronic invoicing software. But this software, among its functionalities, must allow:

  • Create and add required QR and TBAI codes on invoices and tickets.
  • Generate files with the invoice information and send them, in addition to a fingerprint that identifies the device, the program and the user that is issuing the invoice.

With these functionalities implemented, your business will be complying with the regulation by which all invoices issued by Basque companies will be communicated to the corresponding regional tax authorities.

Why Easyap is the best choice to comply with the TicketBAI system

At easyap we have been developing accounting solutions and software for more than 20 years for all types of companies and in multiple markets. We adapt to any regulation and the TicketBAI software software is no exception. With our solution you can communicate your transactions according to the regulations of the Spanish Tax Authorities in a safe and comfortable way. And not only that, but with easyap you can:

  • Issue and post all your electronic invoices.
  • Receive invoices issued to you and register them in your ERP.
  • Validate the entire workflow, as well as other internal documents.
  • Sign tickets and digital invoices.
  • Report and communicate your invoicing to the AEAT, the SII and / or the tax authorities.
  • Manage your acknowledgements of receipt.
  • Store and record documents and invoices in the system. 

For all these reasons, entrusting the management of your electronic invoicing to specialists like easyap is the best option for your peace of mind and comfort. 

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