Dissecting an electronic invoicing programme

Nov 23, 2021 | Invoice Management

At easyap, we have been saying it loud and clear for more than 20 years: digitalisation is here. We are living in a time of digital transformation, which is revolutionising absolutely everything. And the employment sector is no exception. What's more, let's say that in the world of work it is already an obligation to be fully digitalised. Processes such as invoicing done with a pen, a calculator by hand and sheets of paper buried in desks are a thing of the past. 

This is the time when you, as a manager and/or financier of your business or company, need to master digital tools and platforms for almost any field of work. Therefore, this article, in which we dissect what a good electronic invoicing software Will you join us?

What do we call an e-invoicing programme? 

So. Let's start this first headline of the article with a "short and to the point" question, as we would say in football jargon. We call electronic invoicing programme any software or computer programme, redundancy notwithstanding, that is used to issue, trace, receive and, in short, manage the invoicing process of a business. Concise question, straightforward answer. These systems mainly record purchases and sales, as well as other types of files and documents relating to the commercial operations of any company, SME or self-employed person.

At the end of the day, let's be less professorial, let's say that electronic invoice e-invoice software are the accounting ledgers that accountants have always used to manage the sending and receiving of invoices to and from suppliers and customers. However, the only radical difference is that it is now digitised.

Speed, cost savings, optimisation of time and resources in general... These are just some of the many advantages offered by this kind of systems such as the one we implement at easyap. But we have not yet reached the point about the advantages of online invoicing, although we will get to that later.

Why should you have an electronic invoicing system? 

The truth is that still, if you are a company or if you have a business in Spain, by law you are not obliged to operate with an electronic invoicing programme for private companies or end customers. That is, as long as you are not a supplier to any government agency.

However, it would be foolish not to have an e-invoicing programme in place. digital invoicing for your business. Not only because of the benefits it offers you, but also because the market, the competition and your own customers are currently demanding it. And it is something that will continue to grow with the passage of time and the rapid advance of technology. In fact, nowadays in our country electronic invoicing is compulsory for transactions with any public administration..

The information recorded in such a programme

The truth is that their usefulness in terms of taxation, especially for administrations, is key. Why? Because invoices are the document that validates any purchase or sale of a good or service at a legal level. at a legal level. They include basic taxes and are very useful for accounting and tax purposes.

Thanks to technological solutions such as easyap's, your electronic invoicing programme will record information that is so useful for your business and for the administrations: 

  • The number of each invoice you issue and its date of issue.
  • The name or company name of the sender or receiverthe issuer's or recipient's VAT number and business address.
  • A description with details of the operation. That is, the product or service sold, its price, the corresponding tax breakdown and the number of units.
  • The tax ratei.e. VAT (and for self-employed persons personal income tax) and the tax liability.

With all this data, the system will perfectly record all your business operations. Not only that, but it will do so by applying the relevant tax requirements, so you will have nothing to worry about. With software like ours, you can even include your digital signature. 

Advantages of easyap e-invoicing software

Bearing in mind all the advantages we have mentioned so far, as you will understand, the advantages of using an electronic advantages of using an electronic invoicing system in your business are numerous. Here we list several of them:

  • Productivity. By automating this process, you will spend more time on other, less tedious and mechanical tasks.
  • Accessibility. To use a solution like ours, all you need is a device with an Internet connection. In other words, you can use it whenever you want, from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.
  • Legality. You will comply with all fiscal and tax regulations, as the traceability of transactions in a system such as easyap is crystal clear and complies with legal requirements.
  • Transparency. Not only with the administration for the tax obligations of the business, but also for employees and/or colleagues and customers, who will be able to access accounting information.

At the same time, with an e-invoicing programme such as the one you can implement in your business with us, the type of cost varies. Mainly, there is a saving that is due to the fact that the costs change from fixed to variablesince we only charge per transaction processed. This is why we can say that easyap's solution is suitable for all types of businesses: large companies with huge turnover volumes and SMEs.

And what is the well-known FACe e-invoicing programme? 

As we indicated above, digitalisation is one of the most immediate challenges that many governments have set themselves. Subsidies, grants, European aid funds for digital transformation... The Spanish central government is no exception and is also promoting electronic invoicing. This is the reason why FACe.

FACe is the electronic invoicing programme of the public administration. It is the general system through which all invoices are entered and managed from any government agency. As all public institutions are obliged to present their invoices in digital format, FACe becomes the main point of registration of these invoices with the administration. Thus, FACe offers some of the most advantageous most advantageous features within a single programme for electronic invoicing:

  • It offers the possibility to submit invoices.
  • It allows you to consult queries and doubts. 
  • It unifies the format of all invoices that reach the administration. 
  • All information management and control is centralised and pooled. 

In turn, thanks to the FACe e-invoicing programme, not only the different government-dependent entities have access to its information. Any private company can submit invoices in it and connect its system to FACe. What's more, given that it is a software launched and promoted directly by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism has made all the user manuals available to users. Where? At the General Entry Point for Electronic Invoices of the General State Administration (AGE).

Easyap's method for your digital invoices

In conclusion, as you can understand, our best advice is to implement a good e-invoicing programme now. And in this field, easyap is a guarantee. The more than 20 years of experience in the technological and financial sector, as well as the numerous successful projects we have already carried out before are a great endorsement.

However, today we would like to highlight something that makes our system different: the method. In our processes, we approach everything from the so-called Six Sigma methodology. This method, thanks to which we have been working for many companies in different sectors for so long, focuses on measurement. It focuses on measuring and analysing each and every one of the defects that arise from a given process, whatever it may be. In this way, we do not fall back on the improvement of an error (consciously or unconsciously) (consciously or unconsciously), but rather the possibility of systematically eliminating errors and optimising points for improvement.

And there is another key aspect to our business perspective and the method we work with: the approach we give to all processes. In any of them, we try to look at everything from the customer's perspective and not from our own. And not just in the initial analysis phase, but throughout the entire project. In other words, at easyap we try to look at each and every process from the outside in.

And what exactly is that? By understanding the lifecycle of any transaction from the point of view of the needs and processes that each customer has, we end up knowing what they are seeing and experiencing. We analyse it and then try to translate it into our solution and add additional value to our solution. add additional and added value to our work, which are relevant improvements from their perspective. And if you want us to do it with you, you just have to get in touch with us in the way that is most convenient for you.

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