Leaders in electronic invoicing

  • Issuance of electronic invoices to customers
  • Portal for the reception of paper and electronic invoices from suppliers
  • Compatible with any accounting package and/or ERP workflow
  • No initial setup costs, price per processed invoice
  • Período de implementación <1 semana !!!

What services does easyAP offer?


Tools for issuing and receiving invoices.


Scanning and data extraction from invoices: paper, pdf...


Workflows for processing invoices received in any format: approval, ...

supplier-invoice-electronics portal

Outsourcing of tasks: Validation and verification of invoices, conformation of invoices, resolution of incidents, attention to suppliers...


Immediate Supply of Information (SII): Interconnection with AEAT's electronic headquarters.


Employee expense management, workflow for processing and posting


Who is easyAP?

easyap, experts in electronic invoicing, is a service company, made up of accountants and IT specialists, oriented towards helping its clients with the entire invoice processing process since 2001.

easyap develops tools, which it makes available to its clients, aimed at improving and obtaining savings in the processing of any type of invoice, regardless of its format.

easyap can actively participate, as part of its services, in invoice processing tasks.


Our experience in electronic invoicing

easyap, a pioneer in this activity, has been providing its specialised e-invoicing services for more than a decade to companies of all sectors, sizes and locations.

SMEs and leading companies in Spain, Europe and America make use of our services in long-term projects with recognized and substantial improvements.

easyap-cost calculator


easyap provides you with a calculator to obtain the current estimated cost of processing your incoming invoices.

Leaders in managed accounts payable and e-invoicing services

Easyap offers comprehensive solutions for electronic invoicing and accounts payable

Electronic Invoice

easyap has developed a portal for the emission / reception of electronic invoices that allows clients and suppliers (senders and receivers) to be connected, eliminating technological barriers and bringing advantages to both parties. Compatible with AEAT's SII System.

Invoice Workflow

A comprehensive service model covering all steps (workflow) of the invoice processing process with and without purchase order, from invoice receipt to automatic posting in the business management system (supplier, buyer, warehouse, finance and approver).

Employee expenses

Web application for the registration and complete processing of employee expenses. Streamlining the process, eliminating redundancies and ensuring compliance with company policies. Online information for the employee. Registration from mobile device with image attachment.