Immediate Supply of VAT Information (SII)

The beauty and personal care sector, like any other, is also in the midst of a digital transformation. digital transformation. A process for which easyap provides multiple solutions, as the company Drasanvi.



This brand, a national and international market leader in wellness and sports nutrition products, needed to digitise its fiscal and tax processes. What emerged was a partnership of which we are more than proud of the results achieved.


Digital Business Transformation


Unification of the online tax filing process


Centralisation of the tax process


It is not easy for a company to remain more than 30 years at the forefront its sector. Even less so if it is one in which demand and competition has grown exponentially in recent years. However, there are brands that manage to do so.

We are talking about a market such as the development, distribution and marketing of food supplements, sports nutrition, organic food and organic cosmetics. And we are talking about Drasanvi, a Spanish company that has a presence in more than 10 countries and that makes the difference with products that, above all, aim to improve the beauty, health and well-being of its customers.

Drasanvi's Needs

In 2020, a key year for the digitalisation of many companies and sectors, Drasanvi wanted to adapt its taxation to contemporary requirements. Requirements also from the public administration, which, in terms of legislation, has been promoting the digital transformation of the entire business fabric for some time.

For this reason, the brand was looking for a technological solution that would allow it to communicate its records to the Tax Agency (AEAT) in a convenient and efficient way.

Drasanvi knocked on our door with this business need and we did not hesitate for a second to accept the proposal. We had to develop a solution adapted to the taxation with which the company had to comply. 


The easyap Solution

With this objective in mind and as the focus of our work, we implemented our SII service (Immediate Supply of Tax Information). Thanks to it, the brand could, through the portal easyeiportal, outsource the task of registering taxes with the AEAT.

The results speak for themselves: we generate more than 5,000 registrations per month for the AEAT. In addition, Drasanvi turned a fixed cost into a variable cost, as it now pays for each transaction. In addition, by using our software, you are no longer dependent on your clients' accounting systems or on regulatory changes that may occur in order to report their taxes to the Tax Authorities.


Those were our beginnings with Drasanvi, back in 2020, but today we continue to be united in this fruitful digital relationship. And we look forward to many years to come.

Increased productivity

Cost and time savings for both Drasanvi.

Electronic recording of all proceedings in the process

Favouring internal control.

Greater control

Irrespective of the client's accounting system and regulatory changes

Outsourcing the task

Optimisation of internal IT resources

What was a fixed cost has been transformed into a variable cost.

The easyap system charges according to the number of invoices processed. 

Real cost provisioning

cost management and forecasting has been greatly optimised.

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