TicketBAI: Doubts, questions and why easyap is the most flexible solution

Jul 13, 2021 | Immediate Provision of Information (SII)

Today, here and now. In the most current present. And, of course, with a view to the near future: Either you are digital or you are not. We say it again, with no intention of reiterating it, but it is a reality. Digital transformation and the online world are already here. They are not an option, but increasingly an obligation. And the best proof of this is the growing involvement of administrations and governments. A good example is the TicketBAI, the Basque Government's commitment to secure electronic invoicing by and for companies that comply with the law and taxation, also online.

Frequently asked and general questions about TicketBAI

But what exactly is Ticket Bai? What is Ticket Bai? How does it work and do I have to implement it somehow in my invoicing system? Doubts and questions that will come to your mind if you are a Basque company, won't they? Don't worry because easyap will try to answer the most frequently asked questions about this system and its new regulations.

What is TicketBAI?

Ticket Bai or, according to the Basque Government, TicketBAI, is a project of the autonomous government for the three Basque Provincial Councils that seeks to ensure compliance with tax obligations by legal entities that carry out some kind of economic activity and invoice it electronically. With the TicketBAI, the administrations will control the economic flow of the economic activities of companies and the self-employed and whether they comply with tax and fiscal requirements.

At the same time, companies will also be able to have a clear and organised record of their electronic invoicing provided by the TicketBAI system. This is ideal for e.g. filing tax returns. Along these lines, although the also known as TBAI is for the three Basque provinces, it will be adapted to the legislation of each of them. That is to say, at a fiscal level, the TicketBAI Bizkaia will offer information and will demand obligations from taxpayers adapted to their regulation and different from that of TicketBAI Gipuzkoa or that of Alava.

Which companies will TicketBAI affect?

The TicketBAI system system is primarily designed to combat tax fraud in online invoicing. Therefore, its objective is to control compliance with tax requirements by those legal entities that already carry out their invoicing online in this new digital world. Therefore, the following will be affected by it any type of company that carries out its activities and operations in the Basque Country. In other words:

  • Large companies.
  • SMES.
  • Self-employed. 

When does the TicketBAI regulation come into force?

In terms of dates or deadlines, the TicketBAI project has been active for a year now. Specifically, since July 2020. In fact, at easyap, specialists in electronic invoicing, we already told you what the system was going to consist of in this article about TicketBAI last year.

However, the regulation to officially implement it will come into force in January 2022. January 2022. This is the reason why there are more and more doubts, queries and questions about this system. And it is also the reason why we offer you all this information as part of our blog. our blog.

How does TicketBAI work?

At a technical level, the TicketBAI project of the Basque Government requires companies to include a QR code and TBAI on their invoices. issue online invoices to include a QR code and TBAI on them. In this way, each and every one of these operations can be controlled and monitored by the corresponding public administration. In addition, legal entities must have a certificate to carry out these kinds of operations linked to their online invoicing.

Why is easyap the ideal solution to comply with the TicketBAI system?

"But how do I implement the technology to comply with TicketBAI? On a technological level, I don't know how to implement a QR code or the TBAI". Don't worry. This is the classic question and, consequently, the concern that many people have when reading all this information about TicketBAI. 

It is best to use the services of specialists such as easyap. We are a long-established company created and staffed by professionals in the finance sector together with computer experts. In addition, our service complies with the TicketBAI our service complies with TicketBAI regulations, working in the following way:

  • We manage the receipt of the electronic invoice from the issuer in the system.
  • We generate the QR code and TBAI, which will appear on the electronic invoice received by the issuer in the format of his choice (pdf, paper or similar).
  • The invoice is signed and sent both to the corresponding regional administration and to the customer, as well as registering it in easyap's own system.

At the same time, this electronic invoice can be consulted by the parties involved in the process. In other words, by the issuer, the regional administration and, of course, the recipient and easyap customer. Easy, quick and convenient, allowing you to spend time on other day-to-day tasks.

A service adapted to tax requirements and recommendations

On the other hand, you should also know that at easyap we have experience in offering solutions that comply with the legislation and requirements of other international administrations. In the case of TicketBAI, it is for the Basque Government and its Provincial Councils, but there are already there are already autonomous and European governments that implement similar tax regulations. Sweden, Austria and Portugal are examples of countries that already use software with these characteristics.

In fact, by way of conclusion and for your peace of mind, we would like you to know that the TicketBAI system follows the recommendations of the main world and continental organisations. Read the European Commission or the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)among others. Something similar to what is already happening at a global level with PEPPOL. And, in the same way, at easyap we also adapt and implement and manage it for you. Shall we talk?

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