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Jan 16, 2020 | SII

Ticket Bai is a joint project of the Provincial Tax Offices of Bizkaia, Araba, Gipuzkoa and Navarra and the Basque Government, which aims to facilitate compliance with taxpayers' obligations and fight against tax fraud . Protecting the consumer and keeping an exhaustive control of economic activities. Taking this into account, it is clear that it is a procedure that will end up being implemented throughout Spain in the short term.


The measure already exists in other European countries such as Sweden, Austria or Portugal and is aimed at all taxpayers, both companies and self-employed , who receive payment for the sale of goods or services to their customers.

 Who is obliged to comply with TicketBAI?

If you are a company, professional services consultancy / office, or self-employed business in the Basque Country, you will need to adopt the new Ticket Bai (TBAI) regulations .

When will Ticket Bai come into effect?

It will be in force from July 2020 progressively.

What requirements must be met with TicketBai?

The implementation of TicketBAI (TBAI), the Basque government electronic invoice, implies the need for taxpayers who issue tickets or invoices to have a certificate for the issuance of the ticket or invoice so that they can carry out the following actions:

  •  Inclusion of a QR code and TBAI on the invoice or ticket
  •  Preparation and sending of a file with the invoice information and a fingerprint that identifies the device, program and user.

What is the easyap service for the issuance and billing process with TicketBAI (TBAI)?

  1.  Once the issuer generates the invoice in the normal way, without any change to their accounting system, it is sent to easyap either online or via a file extraction process.
  2. easyap generates the TBAI and QR codes. These codes will appear on the invoice the client receives. The invoice may be paper, PDF or any electronic invoice format.
  3. The invoice is signed electronically on the easyap platform prior to issuing.
  4. The invoice will be sent to both the web service defined for this purpose by the administration , and to the client, in the format that he client requires (paper, pdf, signed pdf, electronic invoice).

If required, the invoice can be viewed / downloaded by the customer from the easyap web portal.

  1. In the easyap portal you can check the status of shipment and acceptance of the document both by the Foral agency and by the client. If desired, the status can be reported to the customer's accounting system.

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