Supplier invoice automation

Invoice Workflow 

The easyapIP electronic invoicing portal has workflows specifically designed for the automation of supplier invoices and to cover the particular casuistry of processing the receipt of third party invoices. The following is a graphic of the usual invoice circuits with or without purchase order.

What is the supplier invoice automation process like? 


1. Invoice Reception:

Invoice Reception: any format


2. Invoice Validation:

Validation: of different types, formal, duplication, data...


3. Invoice Identification:

Automatic Identification of invoice type: with or without purchase order / other appropriate circuits implemented logically based on invoice information,provider characteristics


4. Invoices with Purchase Order:

Invoices with purchase order: automatic matching

4. Invoices without Purchase Order:

Invoices without purchase order: coding and approval

Comparison against purchase order (comparison of purchase order number and amounts)

Comparison with purchase order and delivery note: order number, delivery note number, units, unit price and any other element

Coding: accounting allocation, account and elements of analytical accounting(until 5 levels): Automatic based on information in the invoice, provider Manual, with upload from xls

Approval: automatic assigning to one or multiple users (sequence)for electronic signature, based on the company rules easily configurable for provider, amount, cost centre, account...

workflow-invoice-receipt easyap

5. Incident Resolution

Detailed categorization of problem type and automatic assigning to the correct supervisor for resolution. Options for further action depending on problem type


6. Accounting

Automatic creation of accounting notes suitable for the erp

Approval of supplier invoices - We highlight ...

  • circuit identification based on invoice info and/or supplier characteristics
  • invoices can change or combine with without PO circuit
  • automatic matching: mathematical motor for invoice validation, highly configurable to consider any variable in balancing
  • balancing in two or three ways, against purchase order and/or delivery note or any other external element of comparison (estimate/ part delivery / certification )
  • detailed identification of differences, for automatic and correct assigning to the correct supervisor
  • accounting allocation with as many levels as is necessary: account, cost centre, project, service....
  • automation of accounting allocation: based on invoice info, or through the construction of rules for supplier, amount...
  • automated assigning to approval officers, following company rules easily configured: amounts and/account and/or cost centre and/or supplier....
  • individual approval officers or in sequence, record of electronic signatures
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