Provider Invoice Receipt in easyei


easyei is a web application that allows you to have one unique entrance point for all incoming invoices, no matter what format, and transfer them to the accounting system. It works with images and data, there is no paper and no uninterpretable electronic formats.


1. Delivery Address:

Paper invoices can be collected by mail bag or in a centralized PO box looked after by easyap.

easyap assigns an ftp address or email for your invoices in pdf, xml, EDI file... If the client has a central post box no change is needed.


2. Sending of Invoices:

The providers send their invoices, on paper or in electronic format(pdf, xml, EDI,...) to the assigned addresses. Possibility to personalize formats by provider

If desired your suppliers can prepare their invoices directly in the portal via internet.

From paper invoices, electronic invoices, with full legal validity, are generated via OCR, Certified Digitalization and electronic signature.


3. Invoice Receipt:

The invoices are received, no matter what format, in the easyei electronic invoing portal from easyap.


4. Electronic Signature:

The invoices are electronically signed to guarantee their legal validity


5. Exportation of Invoices:

The invoices are sent to your accounting system in the agreed format.


The incorporation of matching and approval workflows are also within the range of services offered by easyap. For more information see workflow


6. Electronic safe-keeping:

The invoices stored in the easyei portal will be available for later consultation for the agreed time period

Highlighted Features ...

  • one unique letterbox for invoice receipt in any format: paper invoices, pdf, edi, e-invoice, xls, word...
  • physical or electronic letterbox for receipt
  • notification to providers of correct invoice receipt
  • possibility to personalize formats in agreement with providers
  • application for invoice OCR and validation of images. Certified digitalization to ensure legal validity of converted invoices.
  • the invoices, with their data and their images can be sent to the accounting system
  • place for safe-keeping and consultation of all invoices received with images and data
  • transfer to easyapIP for use of invoice processing workflows
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