about easyap-methodology

Work Methodology

easyap approaches all its projects and services using Six sigma.

The central idea behind the Six Sigma methodology centres on the possibility of measuring the defects in a specific process and then systematically and consistently eliminating them. See our Information Security Policy.

Principle elements in Quality…Client, Process, Employee.

The Method

  • DEFINE expectations, and the business processes
  • MEASURE the performance of the processes.
  • Conduct a preliminary ANALYSIS of data and processes.
  • Generate, select, design and implement IMPROVEMENTS
  • Institutionalize improvements and implement CONTROLS

The Client

As the clients are the core of quality, they define it. They demand good performance, confidence, and competetive prices, on time delivery, good service, clear and correct transactions among other things.

It is not enough that each attribute that influences our clients’ perception is good enough, our clients ‘satisfaction is a must.

The Employee

People generate results. It is necessary to involve all employees in our drive for quality.

We are committed to encouraging our employees to focus their talent and energy on satisfying our clients.

All our employees have the capacity to quantify, apply the measures and quality techniques of Six Sigma.

The Process

Quality requires us to see a process from the point of view of the Client, not from ours. In other words, we should view at our processes from the outside looking in.

Through understanding the lifecycle of a transaction, within the needs and processes of the client, we can see what they really see and feel.

With this knowledge we can identify where value can be added and important improvements from their perspective.