Leaders in accounts payable and electronic invoice managed services

Easyap is a company of accountants and IT experts who solve the problems our clients face in everything related to the invoices processing by using the latest technology.

Easyap introduces and manages versatile solutions rigorously following the six sigma quality standards, which optimize the human and technological resources available, both inside and outside the organization. Easyap is a specialist in processing invoices in any format, and in electronic invoice issuiance and invoice receipt.

Easyap offers integrated solutions for accounts payable and electronic invoicing

  • Cost savings of up to 50% with setup investment
  • Strengthening of the internal control
  • Transformation of fixed costs into variable
  • Quick solutions sustainable over the long-term

Cost Savings

Invoice processing costs are always higher than they appear at first glance. The majority of people tend to accept as costs only those that are clearly visible, such as the labor costs of the department directly responsible for invoice issuance and invoice receipt.

The non-visible costs are a significant part of the total costs for the accounts payable and invoice issuance process and should be studied in-depth when looking for alternatives to improve our process.

 Non-Visible CostsVisible Costs
Salaries of AP Personnel
Direct sub-contracting
Directors salaries
Defects, duplicated tasks etc.
Bad image
Costs due to low quality
Demotivation of staff
Loss of Discounts / Rebates
Duplicate Payments
Penalties for delay in Payment
Time dedicated to complaints