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Nov 2, 2021 | Electronic invoicing

We don't say so. The facts and figures say so. Electronic invoicing in Spain and in Europe is already a more than palpable reality. And not only that, but it is not only the present, it is also the future. The volume of electronic invoices grew by 16.6% in our country in 2020, which is the clearest reflection of the fact that digital transformation is already here. That is why now is the time for companies that provide electronic invoicing solutions. Companies like easyap, specialised in finance and technology, will help you take that definitive step towards digitalisation. To do so, we are going to clarify the classic doubts that many managers and financiers have about this type of companies and services.

Why the rise of such companies?

To answer the first question under this heading, let us simply put two facts on the table: 

  • A total of 240,731,047 electronic invoices were issued in Spain last year. were issued in Spain last year.
  • An an increase of almost 17% compared to 2019 and which in number of invoices translates into 34,266,994 more invoices.

At the same time, it is true that there are markets and sectors that are adapting to this new digital reality at different rates. For example, the retail sector is the one that issued the most electronic invoices in 2020. However, this is a step that all companies and all sectors must gradually take. Without going any further, public administrations and organisations that depend on them are already obliged to require electronic invoicing in all their commercial operations, as we have already discussed in other articles in our blog.

In other words, in this process of digitalisation, governments are being the first to lead the change. For this reason, in recent times there has been a boom in the number of electronic invoicing providers such as easyap. We are aware of the advantages of implementing and using a solution like ours. We are also fully aware that it is the future for any CFO of today and tomorrow. What's more, there are currently around 40 companies that can implement an e-invoicing system, although we'll tell you more about why easyapp is the right choice for you. why easyap is, among these options, one of the most recommendable.

Is it mandatory to have an e-invoicing provider?

If you are an accountant, the financial director of a large company or, directly, you have your own business and you do not yet issue and receive your invoices electronically, you may be asking yourself this question. Often, both for work and for our personal lives, we operate only on the basis of what is required by law. 

At present, in accordance with Spanish law and the Spanish legal system, electronic invoicing is only compulsory for suppliers to public administrations. is only mandatory for suppliers of public administrations. Specifically, since 15 January 2015, the law came into force, which established the obligatory nature of the e-invoicing in all public sector supplier contracts.

The aim of this legislative measure? To reduce late payments in the administrations, since with an invoicing system such as the one we implement, it is possible to keep the traceability of operations in a clear and clear way, as well as to record and and control taxation and fiscal aspects.. And that is not to mention other types of benefits outside the financial sphere, such as:

Law 25/2013

The law that establishes electronic digital invoicing is the Law 25/2013. This regulation requires a single electronic invoicing model for the entire administration: the so-called model E. In turn, all administrations, city councils and regional governments must use it to pay their suppliers, whether they are also public or private companies.

With the entry into force of Law 25/2013, which is in turn included in the Royal Decree 1619/2021 all invoices associated with goods or services or services rendered to public administrations with a value of more than over 5,000 euros must be issued in electronic format and through the General Entry Point. and through the General Entry Point for Invoices of the General State Administration (FACE).

Therefore, and after explaining the law, it is not 100% compulsory to use e-invoicing service providers. But it will be in the long term. Not only that, but it is a necessity (and a great a necessity (as well as a great convenience) if you have business relations with public bodies.

Why use an e-invoicing provider?

It is likely that one of the reasons why you have not yet implemented a digital solution for your invoices is the technology factor. This is logical, as many sectors are wary of anything that wants to break away from the analogue. Even more so in conventional sectors where accounting is managed in the traditional way. Fear of technology and its use.

It's a problem or fear common to many financiers. However, companies like easyap are the answer and the antidote to that fear. We take care of implementing the technological solution for your business, saving you the trouble of having to fight with a computer system yourself, which is usually what makes many people most uncomfortable. We have more than 20 years of experience and our team is made up of both financial profiles and real specialists in the world of technology.

Types of companies providing e-invoicing solutions

At this point, you may be realising that you are either digital or you are not. It's a logical reasoning and one that we at easyap arrived at quite some time ago. However, we have not been the only ones. That's why, as we mentioned earlier, there are currently around 40 companies in Spain that are dedicated to offering digital invoicing solutions. But what kind of companies?

  • Highly qualified and specialised companies in the implementation of electronic invoicing systems such as easyap.
  • Large companies in the world of technology consultancy.
  • Groups from sectors such as auditing and strategic and financial consultancy have seen a niche market in e-invoicing.
  • Technology divisions of large banks.

Names of some of the world's most powerful brands in their sectors are e-invoicing provider. However, at easyap we recommend you to use a solution like ours for one simple reason: specialisation. We offer a highly specialised service that we have been working on successfully for many years. Therefore, in terms of experience, dedication and knowledge of the business, it is difficult to find a more recommendable option.

Why choose easyap over other providers?

Specifically, at easyap we have been offering our electronic invoicing and accounts payable service since 2001. electronic invoicing and accounts payable. We work from start to finish on projects within the field of outsourcing solutions for digital invoicing processes. Not only that, but the work we have carried out during this time is spread throughout the world: nationally, in Europe, throughout the American continent (North, Central and South) and also in North Africa.

At the same time, our system favours the prevention and detection of tax fraud. Moreover, our solution is based on a variable cost scheme. In other words, a payment is made for each document that has been processed, which is ideal to suit companies with very different levels of turnover and production volumes. In fact, we have worked with companies of varying size and volume from the following sectors:

  • Telecommunications, digital marketing and advertisingwhich are worlds adapted to the new times and which include the technological factor.
  • Industrial goods and industry in general, where we have managed between 120,000 and 200,000 documents per year in different countries and with multinationals.
  • The automotive sectorwhere we have managed close to 1,500 users at European level.
  • Points of sale and sites in the distribution and food sector, managing more than 14,000 suppliers.
  • Banks and financial credit institutionswith projects closely linked to the control of employee cost control.

Moreover, with the solution we market, our customer does not have to make any investment in technology for the automation and improvement of the system. This great advantage is due to the fact that we use the SaaS model (a distribution and licensing model used to deliver software applications over the Internet, i.e. as a service).

And in case we still haven't convinced you to get in touch with us, you can contact us, here's a great fact: audit and control processes implemented with solutions such as ours allow, in addition to certifying improvementssavings of around 25% in periods of no more than 5 months. Do you still have any doubts that digitalisation is already here and that easyap wants to help you take the step towards change?

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