To live by perfecting the mistake or to break with everything and move forward? The process of continuous improvement in a company

Sep 3, 2021 | Invoice Management

The main objective of every human being, both at work and personally, should always be to grow, progress and advance. For this reason, we link the question with which we titled this entry with others: How should be a good continuous improvement process in a company? And, taking the question to the most current scenario, in which digital transformation is essential, should we innovate completely and adapt, modifying procedures in companies? Or continue with certain "patches" as emergency solutions or perfecting errors of which we are aware?

And the B-side of this question and of the article: What do we understand by perfecting a mistake? Automating tasks or processes that are wrong and/or old, whether we are aware of it or not, will only make mistakes and errors in our procedures happen again and again. Moreover, investing resources in automating them will only mean that the error will be repeated even more quickly. This is what we call perfecting the error and to avoid it, the best thing to do is to opt for a radical change in the digital processes of your business by adopting quality technological solutions. How? With specialists to help you in the process. specialists to help you in the improvement process, as is the case of easyap. Let's get to it.

What are continuous improvement processes?

It is said that life is a journey along which people never stop learning. Along the way, we go through certain experiences from which we acquire knowledge and learn how to cope. However, the first time we are confronted with an unfamiliar situation, we do not always know how to solve it or what tools to use to do so. 

Sometimes, through ignorance or lack of practice, we make mistakes. Or, simply, we adopt a solution that is useful for a specific problem or moment but which, with the passage of time, becomes outdated. This is nothing wrong, as it is human, but it is wrong not to remedy it. Consciously continuing with that error, with that maladapted solution and, above all, investing resources in it to "improve" and automate it would be what we call perfecting the error.

We are in a historical and social context in which the Internet has changed the world. Both personally and professionally, everything is radically different from what it was just a decade ago and challenges arise that a few years ago were unimaginable. Management and tasks that used to be manual can now be carried out 100% online, as part of this digital transformation transformation we are undergoing.

However, many companies and managers are afraid and dizzy to make the leap into the new paradigm. For this reason, we find companies trying to to adapt to the demands of the digital world and others that, by means of emergency solutions, are momentarily perfecting errors (to put it colloquially, plugging holes). However, if we want to move forward, are we clear about how to do it, and what procedures will lead to continuous improvements for our organisation?

At easyap, a company born from a vision that combines technology and management, we understand that continuous improvement processes in companies are those actions and strategies that seek the following objectives:

  • Directly improve the quality of a quality of a product or service.
  • Optimising the resources (mainly economic and time) used to improve a product or service.
  • To help the company grow and keep up to date with the latest trends. in line with the latest trends.

Therefore, if we are talking about optimising the products and processes of today's companies, adapting to the online world is a must. But how? By implementing entirely new services that we do not know or are not sure how they work, or by using momentary solutions that serve only occasionally and automate a failed system to speed it up? By breaking with the status quo to grow, or by living by perfecting a mistake?

In short, how to implement a continuous improvement system in a company? how to implement a continuous improvement system in a company? It depends on the context and the moment. What is clear is that, in this new digital landscape, progress and continuous improvement processes are continuous improvement processes are based on going digital. Let yourself be advised and accompanied in this aspect and exploit the advantages of the various technological solutions that are coming onto the market. This is where specialists like us can help you.

E-invoicing: an example of a continuous improvement process

We mentioned, both above and in other articles, that easyap was born with a perspective that combines a business vision with a technological approach. Back in 2001, more than 20 years ago, professionals from the finance sector and specialists from the world of technology joined forces to give birth to this company. A company that offers digital accounting and financial support solutions for companies.

For example, our e-invoicing service is one of the examples of continuous improvement. examples of continuous improvement in work processes that we offer. Why? Because by implementing it in your company:

  • You will streamline the invoice process with customers and suppliers.
  • You will avoid tax and fraud problems, as it complies with the security and taxation protocols that are being implemented all over the world.
  • You will save in resources around 25% in periods of less than 5 months in your company's auditing and accounting processes.

More advantages of implementing this continuous improvement process

In addition, easyap's e-invoicing solution also offers managers certain advantageous features in administration and accounting. On the one hand, it is a variable cost that depends on the number of documents processed. Thus, the cost goes hand in hand with production and is affordable for both large companies and SMEs. for large companies as well as for SMEs with a lower turnover.

On the other hand, taking the plunge, breaking away from the analogue e-invoicing process and switching to an e-invoicing service such as easyap's, offers another benefit. You, as a customer, will not have to make any investment in technology for the automation and constant improvement of the process.. We use the well-known SaaS model, which, through software implemented by us, saves you from installing, maintaining and updating the solution. Another plus point in the continuous improvement of the administration and management of companies and financial departments.

Further actions to improve a digital company with easyap

However, not only electronic invoicing is one of the advancement processes we offer at easyap. Understanding that we are already immersed in a digital paradigm, which will continue to grow, we offer more services and improvement actions for companies that may be of interest to you:

  • You will be able to manage the entire invoice workflow, controlling all the steps of the invoicing process.
  • We offer a supplier portal where you can check the status of invoices, orders, payments, receipts and so on.
  • The portal easyei, relating to tax information, where all documents required by the tax authorities can be brought together, which will avoid tax problems without additional technological developments. For example, the solution fits in with the legislative requirements of protocols that are already or will soon come into force, such as SILICIE o TicketBai.
  • A portal easyapIP portal for full control and management of employee expenses employee expenses typical for many companies. We are talking about costs such as travel expenses and employee per diems.

And the best thing, as we have already mentioned in some of the previous sections, is that these other actions are included in the service we offer at easyap. 

Conclusion: What is the process of continuous improvement in a company?

The answer to this question will depend on several factors. The sector, the market, the product or service you market. However, in this day and age, where everything is moving fast and developing in or towards digital, one thing is very clear: either you adapt to the online world or you run the risk of disappearing. Moreover, it is very likely that your competitors are already doing so and that the market is demanding it of you.

It is true that there are still companies that resort to one-off digital services. They hire developers for specific solutions, which end up being patches that remain outdated and, in the long run, require maintenance and updates that are costly in terms of time and money. This is what we call perfecting the bug. That's why solutions like ours, based on the SaaS model, will save you from cost and effort overruns.

Let us also answer the central question with which we titled the article. The process of continuous improvement in a current company that wants to grow in the future consists of adapting to the time and market and its demands. And in this case, the market and the moment are digital. There is no point in automating processes that we know are wrong, as we will only be wasting resources. It is better to take a turn, a leap and go for a radical change towards digital. There, having the best online solutions and services is vital for any company that wants to survive and grow.

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