Challenges and opportunities of the digital transformation in the financial area of companies

Nov 30, 2017 | Electronic Invoice

In our everyday lives we use services that we take for normal, but they are the result of the digital transformation of the companies that provide them. Not so long ago we only had the option of ordering a taxi by phone, today we do it online, we pay with our mobile phone and we automatically receive the corresponding invoice at the end of the service. Which of the two models has the most potential for growth?

The digital transformation of companies is causing productive processes to evolve quickly and effectively, allowing companies to gain competitiveness in an increasingly global market. This philosophy is not always applied with the same impetus, order and in such a resounding way to the processes historically called "back office". There is also a constant pressure for the reduction of the "Head count" that does not help the undertaking of new projects while attending to the daily tasks.

Digital transformation of companies in the financial area

Digital transformation of companies in the financial area is not solved just with the implementation of an accounting system / ERP or other. Committing to change in traditional processes and offloading repetitive tasks that do not affect the key business process is becoming an imperative for evolution.

In the 21st century, productive processes which are 100% coexist with administrative tasks that require manual data entry or revision of invoices prior to account entry and / or the issuing of invoices to customers (as well as the intensive use of paper).

The improvement and review of processes such as accounts payable or billing to customers can be key to freeing the financial area from distracting elements and allow you to focus on what is truly "important".

Benefits of digital transformation in the financial area

Gaining visibility, reducing operational and personnel costs and providing the financial area with flexible processes when faced with exceptional volumes or peak work is possible.

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