Taxes online - SII, TicketBai... ? let easyap do it for you !

easyei is the easyap platform, interconnected with the AEAT e-Office, which ensures your adherence to the new Immediate VAT Information System (SII) also of the Regional and Canary Islands Tax Authorities, guaranteeing the real-time exchange of your commercial transactions.

Variable Cost - Payment per Document - Investment = 0 - Integration in Hours

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Immediate provision of VAT information (SII) and TicketBai

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1Emisión ycontabilización defacturas declientes yproveedores2Recepción desdeel ERP de losregistors defacturas3Categorización defacturas en basea la normativa dela AEAT4Firma de latransferencia5Transferencia deregistros a lasede electrónicade la AEAT6Acuse derecibo7Custodia deregistrosenviados yestado

SII Webinar: "Challenges and Keys".

Sensitized by the announcement about the imminent entry into force in the Canary Islands of the Immediate Supply of VAT Information, we organized an informative webinar that will help you prepare your processes and systems so that they can respond adequately to the new regulations.


Coste variable por transacción. Tiempo de Implementación < 3 semanas

Outsourcing of tasks to process specialists

Compliance with regulations and continuous adaptation to changes

Independence of the system map from customer systems

Resource and time optimization

Technical and accounting support

Do like Javier and don't complicate things any more

easyap does it for you.

The tool that allows you to adapt to the regulations launched by the Tax Agency with the new VAT management system.

More than 15 years of experience in electronic invoicing


Since 2001 easyap has been providing electronic invoicing and accounts payable services to companies in different sectors (industrial goods sector, automotive sector, telecommunications sector, distribution sector, industry sector, banking sector, food sector, financial sector, tourism sector, marketing/advertising sector, HR sector...) whose projects fall within the scope of the outsourcing of invoice processing services and fraud prevention and detection.

All of them share the characteristic of being based on a variable cost scheme, payment by processed document, and of not requiring for the client any investment in technology for its automation and improvement (SaaS model).

The auditing and control processes implemented allow us to certify the improvements and produce savings in the order of 25% in periods of less than 5 months.

The projects of easyap are spread throughout Spain, Europe and America (North, Central and South) both in Multinational Companies and in small and medium size local companies.

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