What is a customer portal and why should you have one?

Apr 11, 2023 | Services Outsourcing

As digital as we are and as online as this new scenario we are in is, in the end we are people. Human beings who are constantly interacting with each other, including in the workplace. The customer-company connection will continue to be a human working relationship. But, thanks to technology, it can now be more fluid and comfortable. Systems such as the customer portal, We would like to talk about it in this new blog article: What is it, what are its advantages, what functions does it have? and, above all, how it will help your business to make your customers feel satisfied.

What is a customer portal?

If you know us at all, you already know that easyap is dedicated to electronic invoicing. electronic invoicing. Because of that and because of our experience of more than two decades in all kinds of projects, we know perfectly well what a customer portal is.

In our view, we would say it is an online platform that companies use to provide their customers with secure and controlled access to relevant information about their account or trading history. an online platform that companies use to provide their customers with secure and controlled access to relevant information about their account or transaction history. In them, customers perform various activities such as viewing invoices, checking the status of orders, tracking shipments, requesting technical support, additional purchases...

It is also a tool that improves and optimizes the user experience of your customers (UX, as it is called (UX, as it is called to this concept with so much relevance nowadays). The reason is that a portal of this type allows them to access information quickly and easily, without having to wait on the phone or be exchanging slow emails.

Main functions and features of customer portals

Customer portals are not so new. In fact, ever since software and CRMs started to be used in companies, they have been integrated within them. In that sense, a basic customer portal basic customer portal usually offers the following the following functionalities:

- Authentication and security. The customer portal must have secure authentication to ensure that only authorized customers have access to the information and functions available.
- Account and contact information. Customers can view account information such as their purchase history, outstanding invoices, contact details and other relevant data.
- Self-management. Customers perform self-management tasks, such as updating account information, making payments, requesting support and more. The best part is that they can do this without having to interact with technical or customer service staff.
- Communication. They are a two-way communication space between customers and companies ideal for asking questions, submitting support requests and leaving feedback.
- Customer service. They provide the most useful technical support resources. We are talking, for example, about sections such as frequently asked questions (FAQ), videos and tutorials, instruction manuals for users, and so on.
- Customization. Many customer portals are customizable, such as easyap. With us, customers choose the functions and services they want and can, for example, adapt each invoice to different formats or issue electronic delivery notes.
- Analysis and tracking. These portals collect information about customer interactions and portal usage to help your company and team better understand your customers' needs and preferences and thus improve your products and services.

As you can see, in broad strokes, a basic customer portal offers you a wide range of functionalities. They have features that improve the customer experience and the efficiency of your business. However, the specific the specific functionalities may vary depending on your company's needs and services and, above all, depending and, above all, depending on which company you work with for all your billing software.

Top 10 advantages of customer portals for your business and for your customers

Precisely because of these functionalities and features, they are very useful tools in the invoicing process. They offer a series of very interesting benefits, both for themselves and for your business. Below, we will comment on top ten benefits of customer portals.

Improve the customer's user experience

You offer easy and convenient access to customer invoices, their account information, their orders, technical and customer support... Therefore, you improve the overall customer experience, which will lead to brand loyalty and customer loyalty. In addition, in our case, you can send invoices in the correct format and speed up the payment process and reduce accounts receivable. accounts receivable.

2. Increases satisfaction and serves as a marketing hook.

By offering your customers the ability to perform self-service tasks and activities and to solve their own problems, you will be increasing their satisfaction with your company, as we said. Precisely for this reason, in addition to increasing the chances that they will remain loyal customers, it is also very likely that they will recommend your company and your products and services. recommend your company and your products and services to other companies. to other companies.

3. Reduces economic costs

A customer portal allows customers to solve their problems and issues autonomously. So with good software software, you reduce the workload of your support staff, which also considerably lowers your company's operating costs.

4. Provides valuable information

In the customer portals large amounts of data are stored in portals. Therefore, by collecting and analyzing them you will have valuable and useful information about preferences, buying habits and behavior patterns. With this data you can optimize your products and services and develop new marketing strategies.

5. Facilitates communication and follow-up

They are softwares that allow customers to communicate quickly and instantly. In this way, they can keep track of all their transactions in real time, This improves communication and transparency, and thus mutual trust.

6. Improves efficiency and productivity

A well-developed customer portal at a technological level automates and optimizes many internal processes within a business. Therefore, in addition to reducing operating costs, as mentioned above, it improves efficiency and productivity.

7. Encourages collaboration

By enabling the different teams in the company to share information more efficiently and quickly, collaboration and coordination between sales, marketing, customer service and other teams is improved, collaboration and coordination between sales, marketing, customer service and other teams is improved. Therefore, the portal becomes an integrating element within any type of company.

8. Provides analysis and reporting

Going beyond what any basic customer portal offers, the system can also analyze and report on customer and transaction data. can also analyze and report customer and operational data. It can also be used to identify opportunities, measure the success of certain operations, manage service issues and generally improve business decision making.

9. Facilitates customization

A good customer portal also helps to personalize customer interactions. They are therefore a perfect tool for using the information gathered about preferences and needs to optimize the customer experience and customer satisfaction. In the case of easyap's software, for example, you can customize it as much as you can to include your electronic delivery notes and adapt the documents to the formats you want. you want.

10. Differentiation from the competition

With a well-designed and implemented portal you help your customers to compete and differentiate themselves in their markets. Increasingly saturated sectors in which any detail makes any detail makes the difference and a good relationship between suppliers and customers facilitated by the best software is.

The benefits of the easyap customer portal

Now, the whole article has been focused on what a basic customer portal offers and provides. If you opt for the one we implement in easyap you will enjoy very attractive functionalities. The benefits you will take advantage of will be:

- An easy to use portal . Your experience on the site will be quick and easy.
A space accessible from anywhere with an internet connection and at any time.
A highly customizable customer platform that adjusts the interface and features to meet any specific need.
Our customer portal uses secure authentication to ensure that only authorized customers and users can access it.
easyap software saves time and effort, reducing interactions with technical and support staff.
- It
provides real-time information, allowing customers to track their transactions and be aware of any problems or delays.

Beyond that, Easyap's software software provides a wide range of benefits and advantages for everything related to online invoicing. But to highlight them and talk about all of them, we would like to have much more time and get to know your project in depth. So we conclude by leaving you our contact and waiting for you with open arms.

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