Financial and accounting management in the teleworking era

Jun 9, 2021 | Electronic invoicing

"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to reach my destination," said country singer and actor Jimmy Dean. It may be a phrase that perfectly defines the mentality of many managers in these times. Difficult years and months (especially the last few with COVID-19) in which the world of work is changing radically. Teleworking is already a reality and in the company-distance worker relationship, automating processes efficiently is vital. Adapt or die. But is good financial management and accounting management in the era of teleworking?

What is efficient financial management of a business today?

The answer to this question is timeless. Both four centuries ago and today, good financial management of a business is about adapting to the resources and the market in which you operate in the best possible way. Therefore, nowadays, an optimal management of your business finances of your business involves adapting to the socio-economic environment. A new environment in which digital is king and knowing how to make the most of this new online paradigm is fundamental in any field.

We have been seeing for some time now how many workers have started to work remotely due to the many possibilities offered by the Internet. Content creators, infoproducers, IT developers and other types of profiles were able to adapt and have been pioneers in teleworking. However, this phenomenon this phenomenon has been extrapolated to more and more sectors and job profiles. What about the business owner? If you know how to take advantage of the tools and means of the digital world, why can't you telework in your own way?

If you are a manager, you will see that many of your day-to-day tasks can be speeded up with different tools that have been developed. And in the case of economic and financial management of the companyas well. A good example is the easyap service, which with its electronic invoicing solution allows you to automate and digitalise many processes related to your business finances. Agility and, above all, convenience when it comes to managing your financial controls.

But what is the role of financial management and what are the advantages of automating it?

In today's fast-paced society, being efficient is becoming increasingly important and necessary. Not only at work, but also personally. That's why, if you have a business, you know that time is money. That is why it is important to have "assistants" to help you with everyday tasks as important as the financial management of a company or business. And these assistants, nowadays, are provided by the digital world, both for you, the employer, and for your employees.

Benefits of accounting and financial management with easyap

Invoicing, accounting accounting and the general monitoring of corporate finances are fundamental tasks that have always are fundamental tasks that have always involved a lot of paper, pens, hours of work and numerous headaches. However, with digital services and solutions such as easyap's, they are much simpler and more convenient because they offer benefits such as these:

  • Save time and resources that you can devote to other business tasks.
  • Systematize and automate in a digital register the various finance-related processes of your business.
  • Have a large amount of information that is different from each other information integrated in the same platform and to which you will have access whenever you want.
  • Full visibility of positions with your with your suppliers and other services.
  • Providing information and data to employees on issues and aspects concerning their company expenses.
  • Reduced dependence on external equipment or suppliers which are not always necessary.

These are just some of the advantages offered by a service like easyap. So, as you can see, day-to-day financial management has already made the leap to the online world. In the age of teleworking, you, as a manager, can and should also adapt to this new landscape. And digitising these functions of your business finance management is a measure that will help you to do so. 

Why are they so important and what are the most relevant financial processes? 

The truth is that economics and money are fundamental aspects, whatever they say. Any business moves and survives on the basis of whether the profit outweighs the investment. profit exceeds investment. If the economics don't add up, the company is doomed to bankruptcy and, therefore, to disappear. That is why it is so important that, even if you partially digitise the financial management process of a company, you keep control and supervision of it, as it will allow you to:

  1. Control more conveniently how your business of your business.
  2. Detecting points for improvement in terms of optimising resources or in terms of payments to suppliers. payments to suppliers payments to suppliers.
  3. Compare facts and figures to help you make better decision making for your company, your employees and your partners or shareholders.
  4. Plan and modify business strategies to obtain higher profits.

However, the digital world is very new and in many cases unexplored. In fact, there are still areas of it that are barely regulated by law, which sometimes allows fraud and illegalities to be committed. Fortunately, progress is also being made in the legal field, and it is becoming increasingly difficult and it is becoming increasingly difficult for fraudsters in the online world to operate.

Even so, the best thing we can advise you to conclude this article is that if you want to digitalise any process of the management of your business finances, do it with all the guarantees. How? By opting for the services of reliable companies such as easyap. A company with more than 20 years of experience in the electronic invoicing sector, made up of IT, finance and accounting professionals with experience in multiple sectors and markets all over the world. Discover us, our tools and everything we can offer you.

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