How can a Corporate Documentary Workflow System help me?

Jun 19, 2018 | Accounting and tax services.

In the business world's unstoppable current of digital transformation, the latest trend among organizations is to seek the maximum efficiency and productivity possible in all types of activities, and document workflows are a fundamental tool in achieving this

Traditionally, digitization was understood as the transformation of paper documents into images by scanning, but in the current concept it is now taken to mean that from the start: there is no paper, there is no scanning, it is a flow of electronic documents without paper.

What is a document workflow?

A workflow is a circuit composed of different states through which a process / document is moving to reach a goal. To do this, steps and / or tasks are defined and processed by different actors within the organization in a previously defined order. Its main objective is to optimize the performance of a specific job, by synchronizing processes and people, and also having total traceability of the different actions performed.

The information that can be dealt with by a document workflow can be applied to any of the circuits defined in the organization, the most common being invoices, orders, the management of employee expense sheets or the presentation of taxes.

It is advisable to extend the automation of processes via workflow to all types of documents, especially those that include administrative processes, for example, authorizations for the management of the data of customers or potential customers (GDPR), holiday leave requests, the approval of urgent payments or in the process of registration of suppliers, among others.

One aspect to take into account is the scope of application, and those who should participate in the process, internal and / or external personnel. Participation of all approvers, validators and support personnel, whether belonging to the Company or not in the workflow brings agility to the process. The addition of an electronic signature is an option that strengthens the approval processes.

In order to undertake the automation and synchronization of all the actors in the process, the necessary tools must be available to allow the industrialization of the process in an easy and flexible way. The incorporation of states, validators and intermediate milestones in an automated process must be agile. In essence, if a change in the automated process requires a new project or incurring in costly hours of development or specialized resources, we will not be in the ideal scenario.

Other key aspects to take into account when implementing a documentary workflow is the work model, software acquisition and whether to develop it internally or externally.

What are the main benefits of working with document workflows?

  • Increase in productivity: through the automation of tasks, avoiding manual intervention or reducing it as much as possible, achieving a drastic reduction in the effective time of execution of the process.
  • Traceability and Control: with the implementation of these processes, we can always answer the questions of Where is the documentation, Who has related tasks and from When, throughout its life cycle.
  • Cost reduction: as a result of increased productivity, reduced processing time and significant increase in control over the process.

In easyap we have more than 17 years of experience working in the optimization of processes for the financial area, through workflow  systems aligned with the digital transformation in the business world and we will be happy to help you improve the processes of your organization.

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