The key points of Automation in Employee Spending

Apr 9, 2014 | Expense Management

The task of managing employee expenses in companies can be complex and quite arbitrary depending on the person who coordinates the process. For the employees it is normally annoying and, quite often, they put off the creation of the expense notes, or don't adequately reflect the expenses. There can also be receipts missing or the receipts do not add up to the amount declared.

The expense notes follow a path in which each of the people involved must review and refer them to the corresponding person. It is a process that is stretched out and can even become blocked at some point.

Automatización en Gastos de Empleado

The amount of problems and errors adds up in said process, making it necessary to dedicate time and resources and wears out the employees.

Many companies have opted to automate this process. In general , the automated processes have revolutionized the business sector with their speed and reliability. If we also take into consideration the visibility that it brings to the Accounts Payable process, the change in paradigm is much more obvious. The keys to this automation which completely changes the problematic employee expense note management can be summarized in the following points:

The 6 key points of the automation of Employee Expenses

1. The employees can register their expense immediately via mobile, scanning or taking a photo of the receipt and specifying at that moment or later via computer, the concept and other specifics of the expense. All the expenses are added to the expense note that the employee processes and sends to the people responsible for its approval.  

2. The person or people responsible for the approval of the expense note receive notification by email and can connect from their computer to review it, with all the necessary documents organized and referenced, in such a way that the process is agile and simple. The approval of the expense note is electronically recorded and in this way the process continues automatically.

3. The expense note data is exported and integrated into the company accounting program, facilitating the correspondence and synchronization of the data coming from bank cards and other media. 

4. An automated platform will allow filters to be established for employee expenses based on the company's employee expense policy, or create alerts based on expenses made with company credit cards.

5. Allow an auditing of employee expense notes which is much clearer and effective, proceeding based on customizable criteria. Fraud detection and the corresponding VAT deductions are reflected, notified and registered immediately. 

6. The change in the process of reserving and paying of employee trips is key at the time of taking the decision, especially in big companies. Basically, the automation allows the employee to make the reservation with the travel agency via the platform, permitting the person responsible for its approval to intervene, with everything monitored for its registering and recording in the company accounts.  

In definitive the automation of the management of the Employee Expenses creates and organized and efficient flow in the processes. It is also enriched by the online functionality and accessibility of mobile technology, the company gains in resource, in management, and in the time that company employees, supervisors and accountants save in the process.

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