Document Management

Prior to the processing of paper invoices, document management is carried out.

The document management carried out by easyap processes the received documents, conducting a a classification and digitalization of them so their preservation can be assured indefinitely.  Also we take care of the storage and destruction of the documents if desired.

These are the steps that the information follows in the document management process from invoice receipt until the later delivery of the documents.

More Info: Electronic Invoice


Invoice Digitalization and Capture

Current Reality

Usually invoice processing is slow, inefficient and expensive.

Because of great variety of invoices layout and deficient identification of invoice line item detail, even invoice OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology results are limited when performing automatic data capture.

Our Proposal

Easyap has found the right balance between technology and human intervention offering optimum and consistent results.

We provide digital image together with invoice data.


  • Transformation of fixed costs into variable costs
  • Cost Savings
  • Invoice booking cycle reduction
  • Invoice accessibility improvement
  • Invoice loss minimized

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