Unknown loss / Hidden Profit​s

Current Reality

No matter how robust the Accounts Payable process in a company may be, there are always deviations due to human intervention that can lead to phenomena such as duplicate payments and/or inexact accounting applications, which, depending on the severity, could be representative of the veracity of the Financial State.  On average 1 out of every 1000 provider invoices is paid twice. ​ 

Our proposal

The analysis of hidden benefits is a useful measure of internal control to compensate for and correct the deficiencies an accounts payable process may have. On the basis of fraud patterns inconsistencies are detected which could suppose a risk for the  veracity of the financial state and/or allow a complaint to be lodged with providers of wrongful payments.


  • Variable cost linked to incident
  • Cost savings in the recuperation of mistaken payments
  • Source of information for the introduction of specific and efficient controls
We do not know how much we do not know 

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