Control of Employee Travel Expenses and Representation 

Current Reality

Employees waste a lot of productive time in the creation, approval and recording of expense notes.  The assignation of said expenses, by project or cost centre, is always a challenge. In spite of its high aggregate amount, analysis and reporting is poor.

Our Proposal

easyap has put at its clients' disposal a portal easyapIP to completely manage the process of trip management and employee expenditure.

A quickly implemented, low maintenance solution that covers expense reporting, approval based on the company policies and its later automatic recording in the business management system.   ​


  • Significant increase in productivity with the consequent cost savings
  • Improvement in analysis capacity, allow the detection of  areas of possible improvement
  • Application has built in support for internal policies
  • Real cost provisioning
  • Minimize the risk of expense non- deductibility

Expense Note Management

The expense note management process the information that goes through the following stages from the entry of expense notes by users via web until the later notification of the employees.  For more information click the desired link.


What is easyap Employees?

An online platform for preparing employee expenses which covers the complete process from trip request to its booking and payment including the steps of auditing and approval entry.


Who is it for?

To companies of all sizes wishing to avoid wasting their employee's time justifying internal expenses and improve and optimize their accounting processes.


Why use it?

- Cost savings of upto 45%
- No start-up investment
- Variable cost depending on number of notes processed.

Key Features

  • Creation of output/accounting file

Avoiding duplications is possible, using the data completed by the user when filling in the expense note, an importable file is created within the accounting system. There are various formats and files.


  • Cost Control

Finally, it is possible to implement an adequate control in line with the internal rules related to costs, amounts, professional category and without depending on the subjective criteria of the del reviewer/approver.


  • Access and registration from any device

With an internet connection and any browser. Images taking using mobile devices (receipt photos) sent by email are enough to create notes, using the image as proof in any of the process stages.


  • Approval Workflow

With configurable rules that allow multiple approval levels with conditions "and" / "or"


  • Workflow with different stages.

Allow the participation in approval and accounting. Participation in steps prior to the processing stage of the trip application/ reservation. Complete visibility by the financial area


  • Upload credit card charges.

Creating draft notes for review and processing. Complete concilliation of the expenses with account charges via credit card.


  • Event register for auditing purposes.

Pending task control and follow up by ageing.


  • Reports

Follow-up reports and measuring of the critical variables of the process.

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