VAT Immediate Information Supply (IIS)

Current State

Since the 1st of July 2017 it´s obligatory the new presentation procedure for VAT declaration via the Spanish Tax office electronic portal, from the 1st of January 2018 it will become obligatory for "Diputaciones Forales".

There will no longer be an obligation to present the forms 347, 340 y 390, as well as the elaboration of the VAT registry books.  Only the form 303 is presented. 

All the company's invoices are affected, those invoice which are issued or received and receipts.

The Spansh Tax office's sending requirements must be followed, the sending must be carried out via the "WEB Service" of the Spanish Tax office electronic portal, with transactions certified by electronic certificate.  The follow-up, acceptation and/or rejection and forms are sent in the same way.


Our proposal

easyap place at its clients disposition the easyei electronic invoicing portal as a unifying element for the sending of invoice information to the Spanish Tax office.  Independently from the client's ERP/accounting system, easyap maps and categorizes the invoice information to the functional/technical requirements of the Spanish Tax office.  No specific development is necessary as easyap adapts to the information model of each client.


  • Task outsourcing. Optimization of internal Systems resources
  • Variable cost per transaction
  • Irrespective of the client's accounting system and regulatory changes 
Integrated Solution and independent of client's ERP

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