Issuing and receipt process for provider invoices

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  • Variable cost per invoice
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Transformación de costes fijos en variables
Transformation of fixed cost to variable cost 
La categorización de excepciones identifica puntos claros de mejora en procesos asociados
The categorization of exceptions identifies clear points for improvement in associated processes
Incremento de la productividad de los actores del proceso, derivando en ahorro de costes
Increase in the productivity of the process actors, leading to cost savings
Registro electrónico de todas las actuaciones en el proceso, favoreciendo el control interno
Electronic registry of all actions in the process, improving internal control
Reducción en los tiempos de resolución de excepciones y en el proceso de aprobaciones
Reduction in exception resolution times and in the approvals process
Facilita la planificación de Tesorería
Helps with budgeting
Visibilidad del estado de todas y cada una de las facturas
Visibility of the state of each and every invoice
Asignación automática de tareas a los responsables sobre reglas de negocio
Automatic assigning of tasks to those responsible according to company rules 

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More than 15 years experience in electronic invoicing


Since 2001 easyap has provided services in electronic invoicing and accounts payable, to companies in different sectors (industrial goods sector, automotive sector, telecommunications sector, distribution sector, industrial sector, banking sector, food sector, financial sector, tourism sector, marketing/publicity sector, HR sector) whose projects have taken place within the outsourcing of the services of invoice processing and fraud detection and prevention.

All of them share the characteristic of being in variable cost scheme, paying only for document processed and not requiring any investment in technology, on the part of the client, for its automation or improvement (SaaS).

The auditing and control processes implemented allow the certification of improvements and produce savings of around 25% in less than 5 months.

Easyap has projects in Spain, Europe, North America and South America in both multinationals and local small and medium companies.