Immediate Information Supply (SII) Reporting Features

The easyEI platform allows the transfer of transactions according to the SII standard to the Spanish Tax Office (AEAT) in a safe and automatic manner. Among others we can highlight the following features:

Interfaces and Formats 
Standard interface according to AEAT specification
Simplified easyapSII Interface format XML, TXT, XLS
Format 340
Adaptation to any format of the Customer's ERP
Loading transactions 
File transfer via FTP, sFTP or FTPs or online via Web Services
VPN communication security, Firewall policy based on source …
Communication client-easyap / easyap-client
Validations and Workflow exceptions 
Form validations based on format and dependencies (valid NIFs, correct encoding characters supported ...)
Second level arithmetic validations
Additional business validations based on input information
Blocking erroneous transaction sending​
Report of exceptions based on business rules, (type of error, type of refusal, type of transaction ...)
Events and Notifications 
Registration of all events: type of event, date, user ...
Configuration of notification to user depending on event level
Transactional traceability
Mapping and Logic 
AEAT coding mapping based on input data
Elimination and modification logic based on data received
Registering, Deregistering, and Modified Entry Log Process
Possibillity to register, deregister and modify online via web
Online transactions inquires directly to AEAT (Record contrasting)
Dashboard by period
Online access for the agreed time of the transactions
Search for transactions by various criteria
System requirements 
Internet access
Single point of contact and online help