Who is Easyap?

What services does easyap offer?

Our Experience

easyap is a service company, formed by accountants and IT experts, focused on helping its clients in all stages of invoice processing. (Operation started year 2001)

easyap develops tools, which it puts at its clients disposal, aimed at improving and obtaining savings in the processing of all types of invoice, independent of its format.

easyap can actively participate, as part of its services, in invoice processing tasks.

                   15 years managin invoices diferently

easyap, pioneer in the sector, has provided its specialized services to companies of all sizes working in diverse sectors all over the world.

SMEs and leading multinationals make use of our services in long-term projects in Spain, Europe and the Americas with recognizable and substantial improvements.

Cost Calculator

easyAP places at your disposal a calculator to obtain the current estimated cost of processing your received invoices.

Leaders in accounts payable and electronic invoicing managed services

Easyap offers integrated solutions for electronic invoicing and accounts payable.

Electronic Invoicing

Electronic Invoice

easyap has developed an electronic invoice issuance/invoice receipt portal that allows the connection of clients and providers (issuers/receivers) eliminating technological barriers and bringing advantages to all parties .   Compatible with SII (Immediate Information Supply) system of the Spanish Tax Office (AEAT).

Invoices Workflow

Invoices Workflow

An integrated service model that covers all steps (workflow) in invoice processing, with and without purchase order, from the invoice reception to its automatic recording in the business management system (provider, buyer, store, finance, approval).

Employee Expenditures

Employee Expenses

Web-based application for the complete recording and processing of employee expenses. Speeding up the process, eliminating redundancies and guaranteeing compliance with company policy. Online information for the employee. Recording from mobile devices with image attachment.

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