What is easyapIP Employee Expenses?

It is a module of the easyapIP platform. In his module employee expense notes are processed.  It is a web application that speeds up the process, accounting and even the payment of those costs incurred by the employee in the name of the company while carrying out their work. To find out more about the application check out employeexpenses.com and in the FAQ.

How does a user know that they have a pending task?

The platform sends advisory emails, which can be sent instantaneously or after the accumulation of various tasks on the platform.  There also exists reminder emails of pending tasks, which are sent after a defined period. 

The online application shows users the tasks that have to be carried out.

How is the expense note circuit defined?

The parameterisation is done on the basis of the Company expenses policy, and once defined, any user with permission can administer it.

Can you establish expense policies?

The platform takes the company expense policy, and limitations can be introduced depending on professional category, cost centre, days of the week, type of cost, amount of cost


Can costs be limited on the basis of expenditure policy?

The platform identifies each user based on their professional category, for this reason the user will only be able to attribute costs permitted in their professional category.

Can the platform be integrated with the travel agencies?

Yes, the integration with the travel agency allows the control of the cost before incurring it and helps conciliate the travel agency’s invoice.

What happens with movements from the company’s credit card?

The platform easyapIP is prepared to communicate and receive the data of credit card movements directly from the financial entities, having the capability to identify the type of cost and allocate it to the corresponding account in such way that an expense note is automatically generated with all the movements for the card holder.

Does the employee expense note circuit come predetermined?

This circuit is defined based on the needs of the client, and it can be started at any moment, no matter if it is before or after the cost was incurred.

…from when an employee knows he will have to undertake a trip, date authorization process, destination, travel cost through connection with the agency, application for an advance or expenditure fund, cost allocation in destination (taxi, food,…)

How many lines can an expense note have?

An expense note can have as many lines as needed.  The most habitual is to have a line for each expense receipt/proof, and in the note you can add lines over time.  It is internal company rules that indicate the frequency that expense notes should be presented/recorded. 

Why does an expense note have two different amounts?

In the expense note data, two different amounts can be observed:

a)Amount - which is the sum of all the lines, indepentent of how they have been paid.

b) Amount to pay - the sum of those lines which should be repaid to the employee.  For example, expenses paid by corporate credit card are not included.

Can the travel agency platform be intergrated?

Yes, the integration with the travel agency allows cost control before it is incurred and makes the conciliation of the travel agency invoice easier.

How is the approval circuit for expense notes defined?


It is parameterized based on the company expense policy, and once defined, any user with permission can administer it.


How many expense descriptions exist?

There will be as many expense descriptions as required, and used by the company.  The concepts are mapped to an account, in which the accounting entry is made.  The most used expense descriptions are normally represented by an icon for easy identification.


Can you attach proof of expenses to the note?

Yes, you can, there are various ways to do it.  From a mobile device with camera a photo can be taken of the proof, which is sent to and then a line is created with the proof in the application.  Also, from the web application the time of line creation can be attached. 



When is the expense policy control carried out?


The control is carried out on each one of the lines in same moment it is creation.  It is always active and in use.  The employee knows in the moment of creating a line if it meets or not with the policy, not needing to wait for the approval officer to review the note.  In the moment of the creation of the line the application indicates the type of noncompliance.  


How does easyapIP relate employee expenses to the company accounting system?


One of the advantages of easyapIP is that the existing data for each note can be extracted in the necessary format, creating an accounting file that allows importation into the accounting system.  In this way eliminating task duplication that usually exists when the employee fills the data in the template and the later recording of the same in the accounting system. 

easyapIP is already working with many accounting systems, and we currently have the most common exporters/importers developed.



Is Training needed for the users of the employee expenses module?

The platform is designed to be intuitive and so training is divided into two points:

  • - Training courses specially for those people who are going to make a more intensive use of the platform...creating rules, admin security
  • - As it is a platform liable to be used by any employee of the company, and with the idea of transmitting knowledge of its use, a training module is included containing videos in which we explain how the platform works and how to operate each of the applications.  In this way each user can use the platform autonomously, without having a background in these tasks.

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