What is easyEI electronic invoicing?

easyei is an electronic invoicing  platform that allows both invoice issuing to clients and invoice receipt from providers.
The highlighted features are: 
- No software installation requirement 
- 100% variable costs, pay for invoice received or issued.
- Multi-format support, invoices can be issued or received in any format, facturae, xml, edi, web invoice, ... even paper
- Online sign up in 5 minutes.
More information: http://electronicinvoice.eu/


Can the paper invoice be destroyed if I have an image of the invoice?

To destroy the paper invoice, it is necessary to have Certified Digitalization which is accepted by Inland Revenue (the digitalization processes of easyap are recognized).   easyap can also provide this service, if so desired.

Is it a platform exclusively for the processing of invoices?

It is a modular platform

  • - Electronic invoice module (issuing y reception)
  • - Employee expenditure module
  • - Invoice processing module (workflow)

Is an invoice in pdf format without digital signature legally valid?

An invoice received in PDF without signature is valid if it meets the following requirements:

- Conserved in the same media as it was received, email being valid.
- Guaranteed and quick online access on Inland Revenue request.

What invoice formats can I send to my clients?

The easyei portal supports the main electronic invoice formats, facturae, edi, xml, brl, pdf,… Sending in paper format  is also possible.  In addition, as many formats as desired can be implemented for each client.  The format is customizable for each client, meaning that you can send the invoice in the format that most meets their needs.

Can my providers see the state of their invoices?

Yes, the providers have access to see the state of their invoices sent to the easyei  portal, in this way the number of calls from the providers are drastically reduced.  If you desire you can limit this access by configuration. 

What invoice formats can I receive from my providers?

In the easyei portal you can receive any type of invoice, in PDF, or electronically, independent of format, such as facturae, xlm, edi, …

The easyei portal has the functionalities for OCR and invoice validation allowing the processing of PDF files and paper invoices (once scanned).  The paper invoice scanning service can also be carried out by easyap.

What is an electronic invoice?

The electronic invoice is an equivalent to the paper invoice, with the same legal value and bringing new conditions of security.  It is a legal document with implications of a fiscal nature, which means that it is necessary to take into consideration certain features, in particular:

  • - Electronic formats of high or low complexity: EDIFACT, FACTURAE, XML, PDF, X12...
  • - It has to come from a data transmission.
  • - The document must remain unalterable in such a way as to guarantee its integrity and authenticity.

How can I sign up for the electronic invoicing portal?

How can I sign up for the electronic invoicing portal?

The sign up is directly online in the portal mi.factura.es o my.einvoc.es .

How do my clients know that I have sent them an invoice?

The clients receive an email notification in the same moment as the invoices are sent.

What address do I give my providers to receive invoices in the easyei portal?

Receipt via email or ftp is supported.

The signup in the easyei portal includes the creation of email accounts (My_Company@factura.es or My_Company@einvoic.es) and ftp for provider invoice receipt directly in the portal.  If you already have internal email addresses for invoice receipt, the portal will read these accounts and emails too.

How long does it take to configure the system to receive electronic invoices from my providers?

Minutes, signup is online.  If you have  digital certificate to sign the invoices, the processes should not take longer than 10 minutes.  The signup also includes the creation of email accounts  (My_Company@factura.es o My_Company@einvoic.es) and ftp for provider invoice receipt in the portal.

How long does it take to configure the system to send electronic invoices to my clients?

Minutes, the setup is online.  If you have a digital certificate to sign the invoices, the process should not take longer than 5 minutes.

Can I know if the clients have received my invoice?

Yes, the easyei portal gives receipt of acknowledgement for each invoice sent and registers all events of client rejection or sending errors.  The receipt of acknowledgement is also possible for sent paper invoices.

I have an accounting software. Can you interconect to issue invoices to my clients?

Yes, easyap supports direct interconnection with the main accounting systems and/or ERPs.  It also supports mass upload of files of invoices issued.

I have to issue electronic invoices to the Administration, can I use the easyei portal?

Of course, the easyap portal issues valid electronic invoices in the formats supported by the Administration -  facturae, xml, …

Also signup of the easyei portal is free and you only pay for invoices issued. 


What type of invoices can I receive via the easyei electronic invoicing portal?

In the easyei portal you can receive any type of invoice in PDF or electronically,  independent of  format, such as facturae, xlm, edi, etc... 

The easyei portal has OCR functionality and invoice validation allowing the processing of PDF files and paper invoices (once scanned).  The scanning service for paper invoices can also be conducted by easyap.  

What advantage does the easyei portal have for the PDF invoices I receive?

The easyei portal has many advantages for invoice processing, among others:

- Possibility for automatic accounting given that the invoice data is extracted with OCR tools.
- Online access to the invoice image.
- One platform for the processing of all invoices independent of format, paper, xml, pdf, edi...

How can an invoice received in PDF format be processed automatically?

To be automatically processed, the data must be extracted from invoice to be automatically accounted.  To extract the data, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tools are required and the extracted data validated.

A PDF invoice is an electronic invoice?

An invoice in PDF can only be considered an electronic invoice when it is digitally signed.  However, normally it does not have the main advantage of an XML electronic invoice or with a structured data format which allows it to be processed automatically without OCR tools.

Does easyei have a complex implementation?


It is a very simple process, designed to enter into service in a short period of time, it can even be done online, as it only requires parameterisation based on the particular needs of the client.


Can I issue all my invoices through the platform?

The great advantage of the electronic invoice issuing platform is that it allows the user to issue electronic invoices to each client, adapting the format to that which each client is able to receive, and it will permit the user to give added value as, together with the invoice an accounting file can be attached, which will allow the registering of the invoice automatically in their ERP,.  The platform does all the procedures freeing the issuer and the receiver from any development.

What advantages does electronic invoicing have?

The creation, sending and reception is immediate, so the periods are reduced to the maximum, posting costs avoided (stamps, envelopes), there is proof of invoice receipt and it impedes the loss of invoices as it is deposited in the portal of the easyap platform.

At the same time, if required and through workflow models it will permit the automation of the matching and approval processes from the invoice data.  This is done in such a way that the integration of the invoicing in the easyapIP will permit recording without human intervention.

What technical specifications do my systems have to have to be able to issue electronic invoices?

Easyap’s electronic invoicing portal is prepared to issue invoices either by filling in the invoice data online or by uploading files from the users ERP, in any format, as the platform is capable of receiving any type of file.

Can I send my invoices to my clients and receive those of my providers in the same system?

The invoicing platform easyapIP can process all the invoices of a user, both those received from providers, completing the invoice cycle up to recording in the ERP, as well as processing the issuing of invoices to clients, sending them electronically in the format that the client is capable of receiving and conserving them in the platform to comply with legal requirements.


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