Employee Expenditure Processing on easyapIP

easyapIP is a web tool specifically for the efficient processing of employee expenditure in companies. Below is presented the most important steps in the processing circuit.

Importation of credit card movements
Employee incurs the expense:
Control and application of the company expenditure policy based on category of employee, nature of cost, amount.
From computer
From mobile device
Notes assigned to approval officers automatically based on company rules, easily customizable
One or more approval officers and following defined sequence
Automatic creation of accounting notes in client's ERP
Mapping of expenses to accounts
As many levels of analytical accounting as is required
Credit Card conciliation
Procedures based on customizable criteria
Fraud detection
VAT recovery
1. Flight/hotel price quotes
2. Quote validation
3. Quote acceptance


Registering of expense note:
Expense Policy:


Once reserved the trip is exported directly to the accounting system or sent to the employee to included the rest of the trip expenses
Trip application:
1. Employee applies for pre-approval for trip
2. Approved/rejected by supervisor
Agency quotes trip price:
Auditing of Notes:
Recording in ERP:
Approval/Rejection of Note:

Highlighted Features ...

  • Web application so at any moment and from anywhere with a device connected to the internet, employees can start processing their expenses
  • Online information so that employees can connect at anytime to check the status of their documents
  • Guarantees compliance with the company expenditure policy, control carried out by application and with the knowledge of employees
  • Incorporation of company credit card movements, registered expenses and conciliation of credit cards
  • Expenses approval circuit customizable and in line with internal rules
  • Automatic expenses registering in accounting system: charging to accounts, cost centres, projects...
  • Extended circuit with the intergration of travel agency, pre-approval and auditing states
  • Possibility to make transfer payments in line with current banking rules

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