Distingushing Features

Expense note registration 
Registration from any device (computer, tablet) with internet access
Registration via email (telephone)
Possibility of registration and appending of supporting image from mobile devices
Importing Credit Card Transactions: Creation of notes in draft
Unlimited number of users
Online training with access to the tool
Expense sheet workflow 
Basic workflow: registration, draft, approval, book-keeping
Extended workflow: registration, draft, approval, book-keeping, auditing, payment
Complete workflow: from application/prior approval and all following stage
Expense Policy 
Configuration of the company expense policy for controlling its implementation
Cost control by professional category, amount, reason, day of week
Three visual control levels: warning, additional approval, process impossibility
Output file in multiple formats for account entry in ERP
Mapping of expense concepts to booking accounts
Analytical accounting elements: cost center, project, client allocation
Possibility of VAT breakdown for reclamation
Assigned user to individual provider or grouped in destined accounting system
Events and Notifications 
Register of all events: type of event, date, user and comment
Configuration of notification to user depending on event level
Online report of the stage of each of the notes by date and task holder
Administration report with process metrics
Online access to expense sheets for the agreed time
Search for sheets by various criteria
System requirements 
Internet access
Support from CAC through application allowing follow up of the state of consultation/incident