Electronic Invoice​

Current Reality 

The processing of invoices produces a cost for both the issuer and the receiver.  The electronic invoice which is taken to mean a legally valid invoice, is a mechanism that speeds up the process, and thus reduces costs. 

The electronic invoice is the near future and in many cases the present (an obligation in relation to AAPP).  There is, however, a series of elements that need to be considered to successfully implement electronic invoicing.  Among which we can highlight:

  • Technology gap between provider and client
  • Diversity of formats
  • Investment necessary for introduction
  • Cultural component
  • Transference of workload from (cost) from issuer to receiver

Our Proposal​

Easyap proposes a work model focused on solving existing problems in the use of electronic invoices in such a way as to distribute the advantages between the to main parties: issuer and receiver.

Easyap has developed an issuing/receiving portal for electronic invoices which connects providers and clients (issuers and receivers) eliminating the technological barriers and brining advantages to both parts.  The pay per use model (issuing/receiving) and independent from the accounting system and the different electronic invoice formats, does not require an initial investment to start.

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