Optimizing the management of employee expenses

3 tips to optimize Employee Expenses

incident classification

Invoices with incidents: Types

The area of Accounts Payable is in charge of the processing of invoices from third parties. The final goal is the accounting of the invoices, but a significant percentage, to be able to reach this point requires a number of steps to have been previously taken.

The processing of an invoice without incidents, even though it may use up resources, can be quite simple.  But everything becomes more complicated if the invoice has some type of problem.

4 steps towards simplifying accounts payable

4 steps towards simplicity in the Accounts Payable process

When a company starts to grow and increase its amount of business, it pays special attention to its production and customer service departments to meet this increase in demand.  However, often not enough attention is paid to the evolution that the company's AP department experiences, limiting the strategy to increasing the number of employees in this department.  

The advantage of having a provider portal

How do you improve the providers´ experience?

It is one of most hidden secrets, especially in the range of luxury hospitality products.  One of the essential ingredients necessary to reach excellency and to fix prices with more liberty, is the provider list.   

The providers have a fundamental importance, and can be a key piece that contributes to the successor failure of a company.

How to implement an invoice workflow solution

6 Key points in the implementation of an invoice workflow solution

Once a company realizes the need for the Accounts Payable department to become more efficient through the use of a good invoice workflow tool, it is important that the implementation process of said solution is carried out following a route plan that allows for an easy and agile adaptation, without obstacles and which minimizes the impact on employees.

Gastos de viaje de empleado

The strategic role of Employee Travel Expenses in companies

At the moment, many medium and large companies have passed through a serious process of adjustments to survive the crisis.  In general, reductions in the workforce babe been prevalent, but there is still a great potential for savings in a good transformation in the functions of purchasing and expense control in the company.

esquema workflow facturas

Different Facets of an automation process in Accounts Payable

Often, there are companies that become interested in the automation of accounts payable, and even decide to implement it, without having a clear vision or sense of how their AP process is going to be from that moment on, nor how it will affect their employees.


At the same time, there are AP managers and professionals who do not even consider taking this step for their company because they have a complex image in mind, and do not see the consequences that this change can bring to process that are functioning, more or less, well.

sopa de letras

Invoice OCR, the definitive solution or simply a helping hand?

In the area of Accounts Payable it is well-known that the final destination of a provider’s invoice is its recording in the accounts, and all the improvements that we introduce in the provider invoice receipt process is directed to a reduction of the accounting cycle so as to reduce the cost of the process to the maximum possible.

Within an automated provider invoice process 4 large phases can be defined:

entrepreneurs use electronic invoicing

The role of entrepreneurs in the new AP model

In the transforming phenomenon that the European business sector is currently experiencing, with the disappearance of some large and medium sized companies and the appearance of a multitude of new small companies (many of them sole trader), the provider profile is also changing, especially in the case of the services sector.

vendor master record

The importance of the vendor master data

It is normal in projects to improve the Accounts Payable process to review the quality of the information contained in the Vendor master record.


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