processing long invoices

The problems of long invoices

The Accounts Payable department receives invoices in all forms and formats imaginable. In this entry we will analyse the multi-page invoices which require an individualized and detailed treatment of the information contained.

hereditary AP process

A change of ERP is not incompatible with a continuous improvement in AP

On average, companies change their ERP every 8 years.  One of the tasks that takes most time is the analysis of the purchasing process and provider invoices or accounts payable (AP) for its adaptation to the new system.  The simple process of registering invoices take on average 18% of the implementation time. Much time is dedicated to adapt the new system a manual and imperfect process, repeated for many years due to the requirement "We register invoices this way."  In short, new names for transactions and more attractive interfaces but the same old processes.

Is digitalization the solution to the AP problem?

Is digitalization the solution to the AP problem?

Among all the initiatives that are taken to improve the  procedures of the provider invoice process, there is one that stands out: invoice digitalization.

reports accounts payable

The key report for discovering the situation of the Accounts Payable

The processing of provider invoices is an arduous and thankless task.  The Accounts Payable area is in charge of registering in the accounts the expenses and payments, along with all the incidents included.  In many organizations Accounts Payable is perceived as a necessary evil and this process is abandoned to give attention to other more "important"areas.

contable atado de manos

The responsibility of Accounts Payable in the solving of exceptions

Accounts Payable is the area in charge of the administrative-accounting process of provider invoices.  This process includes the carrying out of the following tasks: document management, configuration, coding and resolution of incidents.  It is generally accepted that the tasks of approval and payment, even though part of the processing circuit, are not carried out by AP. 
Suministro Inmediato de Informacion

SII - El suministro inmediato de información no debe preocuparnos pero si ocuparnos

Recientemente se ha publicado en prensa el retraso del lanzamiento del nuevo Sistema de Suministro Inmediato de Información de IVA (clique aqui para detalle pormenorizado de la ley) La fecha inicialmente prevista para su entrada en vigor era el 1 de Enero de 2017. Presumiblemente la nueva fecha estará dentro del primer trimestre del mismo año.

...easyap does it for you


SII Suministro Inmediato de Información (Fuente AEAT)

easyap launches its Immediate Information Supply (SII) service

On January 6th 2016 easyap launched its Immediate Information Supply (SII) service connecting to the Spanish Tax office (AEAT) electronic portal.

The easyap solution is compatible with any ERP or Accounting system which the client currently has, and, among others, has the following advantages:

-  As the task is externalized, internal resources are optimized. 

-  Solution independent of the client's System map.

​- Independence from regulatory changes

​- Variable cost per invoice

easyap 15 years managing invoices differently

aprobacion de facturas

Tips for efficient Invoice Approval

Generally, in the process of purchases with purchase order, there isn’t an invoice approval cycle as normally there is a prior approval/validation of the order and segregation in the reception process functions. In the processes of invoice with order, as we have indicated in a previous entry, the accounting of invoices is normally after matching – two or three way matching.


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